Play 5 Gen 2 Rubber Feet replacement options


I have 2 Gen 2 Play 5's and both have lost a few of the rubber feet somehow. 2 x round bumpers, and 2 x the rectangular ones. Sonos CS claims "We do not replace PLAY:5 feet, as they are not rubber, but part of the unit. We can replace PLAY:3 because they are rubber, and not part of the unit" Has anyone by chance found a remedy for this situation?


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I found that my local hardware store had lots of similar "feet" that could be stuck on. This was for a PLAY:1, but there was enough diversity that I think you could find something for the PLAY:5.
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Are they actually rubber? I haven't paid any attention to them. Maybe PM Ryan here for him to check out better for you.
Thank you for the responses... when missing, there is a divot, and the unit will rock as not stable on 4 even points. It feels like hard rubber, but who am I guess, so as per Sonos, not rubber... Will check hardware store, thanks again.
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I looked in mine. I guess they are rubber. Seem very difficult to pull out. Again I would check with Ryan here


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