Play 5

  • 12 February 2019
  • 1 reply

I bought the Play 5 a month ago to replace a Play 1 stereo pair. The initial impact of the 5 on its own was slightly underwhelming, especially given the spec and extra cost. I’ve adjusted a few settings to create the sound I am looking for, and I have noticed that when the 5 is placed upright the bass especially pack a bigger punch, and it feels more like the sound I was hoping to hear. Has anyone else noticed little difference between the 1 and the 5?

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1 reply

See this thread ...

You have gone from a wider stereo soundstage to a narrow 'virtually mono' one. I’m surprised you did not prefer the Play 5 speaker horizontally, but we all have our own preferences. I think you would be far happier with a second Play 5 and then stand them both vertically... whether you prefer the tweeters on the inside edge or outside... again is a matter of personal taste.

Admittedly though a stereo pair of any Sonos speakers, including the smaller Play:1’s ...with the listener sat at the 'sweet spot', sound much better than any single standalone speaker, er.. IMHO.