Play:3 solid white light, controller doesn't find it.

  • 13 February 2020
  • 1 reply

So I have a beam, a sub and a Play:3, I have the beam and sub in one room and the play 3 in another. All were working great and then I had to reset my wifi network, didn’t change any settings, literally just unplugged the router for a bit and plugged it back in. Now my Play:3 won’t connect to wifi.

I did the hard wire to the router and got it playing while hard wired to the router but then when I disconnected it and took it to the new room it won’t show in the app and just has a solid white light. I do the “find missing product” and it gets to the point where it says the speaker has created it’s own network and to connect to it but when I got to my wireless networks there is no “sonos” network. 


Anything you can do to help would be great, this is beyond frustrating. 

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1 reply

It sounds like you’re trying to set up the PLAY:3 as a new and separate system. I’d recommend that you factory reset the PLAY:3, possibly again, and the open your controller so it shows the Beam and SUB, then go to Settings>System, and scroll down to + Add Product. That will add the PLAY:3 to your current system, and there will be no looking for the “Sonos” network.