Play 3 removed from range

  • 6 October 2018
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This question is to sonos mainly but just wondered if anyone else new the answer. Yesterday I was just having a look on the sonos website as we were thinking of buying the sonos one as a present for someone for Christmas & I just happened to notice that the play 3s that I purchased a couple of years ago have been marked up as discontinued & also was therefore wondering if there is a replacement & if so what it is as when I purchased them was under the impression that the play 1 was basic although very good quality speaker the plays 3 was a better quality speaker with a better sounding bass as it contains the 3 speakers rather than the one speaker in the play 1 & then there was the play5 which obviously was for a big room as it had the 5 speakers in it. I’m just not sure whether it’s been replaced or whether there’s something in the pipeline for the future.

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6 replies

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Lots of questions on a Play 3 replacement and a few rumors but nothing solid that I have seen or even a commitment from Sonos that there will be a replacement in that size.

Having 1s, 3s and 5s I can see a place for the 3s, they are much nicer sounding in my 10x10 foot office space than 1s and take up a lot less space than 5s not to mention being less expensive. The pair of 3s also has a much better stereo image than a single 5 which is why I went that route in the first place.
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My first 2 sonos speakers were play 3’s & to be honest I had them connected as stereo speakers then I added a Sonos playbar but soon realised that they were wasted as surrounds. I put 1 in my front room & 1 in my kitchen instead & then i added two play 1s as surrounds . Unless your planning on using 2 play 1s as a stereo pair then your not gonna get the same quality.
Play 3 hasn’t been updated in a long time, kinda guessing they have a sonos enabled play 3 or updated play 3 coming?

Funny you mention not being able to find it, was about to buy one as a gift this morning and I saw it was discontinued
I was just planning on buying a Play 3 for my kids' condo and am sad to see it gone. Replacement coming? I hope so.
I was just planning on buying a Play 3 for my kids' condo and am sad to see it gone. Replacement coming? I hope so.I doubt it, somehow. A pair of Play:1s gives a better result for similar money (IMO). Of course I could be completely wrong.
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Hi kihollihan

I agree with John B. Here's a bit more on why Play 1's x 2 actually surpass a Play 3. The Play 3 was marketed as a small stand-alone speaker that could deliver a stereo image. That claim was true but only to point. After moving about 6 feet away (some say even less) the stereo affect was gone or sounded more mono. However, Play 3's x 2 in stereo pair maintained the stereo image beyond 6 feet and was only limited by room size.

In comes the Play 1. Sonos had designed a speaker that packed a punch as a stand-alone that was only slightly outshined by the Play 3. Critical listeners and reviewers soon started touting the sonic excellence of the Play 1 especially in a stereo pair. They made more sense in size with hard to discern differences between them (Play 1 x 2) and a stereo pair of Play 3's. Adding a Sonos sub and the difference became moot.

The Play 1 is also moisture resistant which gave it a leg-up on the Play 3 for being used in a bathroom and kitchen area (the latter being less significant). Size made the Play 1 perfect for travel between the main house and cottage as well as use in a college dorm room where internet might be available.

So I'd spring for the few extra bucks and go with Play 1's x 2 (used in stereo pair or as Zone speakers) Good luck with your decision.