Play:3 or Play:5 combination with Sub


I am looking to get the Sonos Sub for myself but can't decide which combination to get.

I think:

2 x play:5 + Sub will be a bit to much for the size room it will be in currently.

Would you recommend:

2 x Play:3 + Sub 


1 x Play:5 + Sub

The reason I want the Sub is for the bass, I listen to a lot of music with heavy bass in it and loved the sub in my old system!

Thanks for your help :) 

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Hi L, 

this is a matter of personal taste, I was using two PLAY:3 (Stereopair) with a SUB in my office ay home and it was more than sufficient for the room size. 

I will leave this thread for other customers to share their experiences. 


Daniel H. 


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