Play 3 in the corner - Wow

  • 19 June 2018
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Hi, new here. Moved to share because of the experience I’m having right now listening to a single Play 3 that I just mounted in an upper corner of our enclosed porch. After 40 years as an audiophile I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything like this. This little speaker was out here before on a table and it was great, but we rearranged and the table went away; so I bought a third party mount and attached it to a brick wall alongside a wall of glass, in what I now realize is a perfect horn configuration. I am shocked at what this tiny speaker is doing! Since I want the loudness on, for richness at low volumes, I have the bass down on its lowest setting. This is the most compelling sound, for every kind of music to which I’ve listened tonight - thank you! How can these tiny speakers make this low bass? Twelve feet away, this one speaker sounds like front row center on an intimate sound stage that is perfectly damped. Lesson - if you haven’t put your single Play 3 in a corner with walls expanding away and a bright wall to play off of, you’re missing something amazing.

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1 reply

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play:3 in a corner is real good - I have always said.