Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

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Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Best answer by Ryan S 8 May 2018, 19:58

Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback and voice. The official answer on this topic is in the thread, but it's a bit buried at this point.

To be clear, the Sonos One can be used with all Sonos players. It can control what's playing on itself and other rooms with voice, where available. However, Sonos One will only pair with another Sonos One if you are looking to set it up as a stereo pair or as part of a surround setup, it can't bond with a Play:1.

While the Play:1 and Sonos One share a similar appearance and sound, the two are aesthetically and acoustically two different speakers. Stereo pairing the two is not possible through the Sonos app.

This comes down to the hardware in the players themselves. You're going to start seeing more differences between the Play:1 and the Sonos One when it comes to features in the future, as new things are added to the system that might not be compatible with older hardware. We strive to keep products working with core functionality for as long as possible. As we add new features, older products may have more limitations.

You might have heard recently that we're bringing Airplay 2 to Sonos on a selection of players. The Sonos One will be available as an Airplay 2 target, but the Play:1 will not be. The first Sonos players ever, the ZP100, is still out there rocking today, so don't worry about the life of your Play:1s. That one won't be an Airplay 2 target either, but you'd be able to group a Sonos One with a ZP100 and play Airplay 2 to both, just like with a Play:1. The group is different from stereo bonding.

There are some community suggestions for ways to bond a Play:1 with a Sonos One, mentioned in this thread, but they aren't officially recommended. They may work for what you're looking for, but the setup could potentially be unstable.

Thanks again everyone for sharing, and we'll make sure the team knows this is still something you'd like to see happen, but there aren't any plans to share on bonding a Play:1 and Sonos One as a pair.
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I understand that there are technical issues that would need to be overcome, but I think it is worth noting that I think this backwards compatibility feature would lead to more sales of the Sonos One, not less. I own a bunch of Play:1s and I would be really tempted to get a matching Sonos One for each if it could mean I'd get stereo pairs with built-in Alexa support. But there's no way I'm going to pay to replace each of my current Play:1s with Sonos Ones just to get Alexa support if I can get similar functionality by just adding an Echo Dot.
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I agree with twangus. Please re-consider. I have a Play:One and don't want to (and definitely won't) pay AU$299 for a Sonos One just to add voice control (which anyhow is currently inactive in Australia) BUT I would pay $299 for a Sonos One if I could create a stereo pair with my Play:One. Stereo plus voice control is definitely worth $299 - but voice control by itself isn't. I bought my Play:One to listen to music and have no trouble controlling it from my iPhone or from the top buttons. If I buy a Sonos One, my Play:One (which I bought new last year) won't be used anymore since I have no need for 2 mono wi-fi speakers, even if they can play the same mono music simultaneously (which I assume is possible). If you refuse to allow stereo pairing, please allow us to trade-in our redundant Play:One's which were bought with the understanding that they would continue to get "better over time". Since I have used mine for only one year and it's in pristine, as-new condition, can I have $250 as a trade-in? Or should disgruntled Play:One owners dump their redundant Play:One's on e-bay (which unfortunately might hurt your sales of Sonos One)? What is your preference? My preference is "stereo pairing" - please!!
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Hey Ryan,

You can understand why this question arises, I'm sure. If have a 5.1 setup.... (and I do) why have two speakers taking audio commands? I don't need that. Why not just have one of them be the controller/ input mechanism for audio control. I get they *look* like Play1 s and may not actually be the same in audio response - and therefore hard to pair, but from a use perspective, it is an obvious and evident question that I think Sonos needs to have a position on as to why it isn't appropriate or enabled out of the starting blocks.
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I also see this as something of a deal-breaker. Sonos One would be an obvious way for me to expand my current system through pairing it with one of my existing Play:1s. But as others have said, I am not going to replace two Play:1s. I think this is a function that Sonos should provide right from the start. It would be good to know from Sonos what their plans are with respect to this. I'm open minded, but in the meantime, it does reduce my confidence that Sonos will be the future-proof system that I'm looking for going forward.
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I was about to pre-order a Play One to pair with a Play 1 i already own...after reading this thread i will not be placing my order. I just expected the One to pair with existing Sonos speakers... Is this not the point of the Sonos system you can expand it?
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I was just about to pre-order a pair thinking I could create two stereo pairs by combining with my existing pair of Play 1s. Just lost £400 of Sales that may have led to more. A missed opportunity.
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Top bad. Ik have one play 1 in the kitchen and is was Thinking of buying the one to make IT stereo. Reading this i Will not do that. I even Will rethink of i Will invest in Sonos products. Backward compatibel should have been part of the concept. This is old fashion Thinking. Disapointing.
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I too would like to see the Sonos One be able to be bonded with the original Play:1. I have 8 Play:1’s and would love to stereo pair them with ones and have Alexa in more places around the house! PLEASE make this possible!!
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Fair point, but unless I'm missing something I wouldn't be able to use Alexa in the 2nd room which is likely to be at a different end of the house. I understand can get round it using an Echo dot in the second room but it feels like I'm losing the simplicity and functionality I was hoping for.
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I will also add my vote to the majority here. I too was hoping to pair the One with a Play:1 The other item that killed a purchase for me is that the Sonos One does not have the 1/4:20 thread for existing wall mounts I have.
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Totally agree with all the common sense comments here. Apart from anything why would you want a stereo pair of Sonos One's. Its like buying two Alexa's and sitting them next to each other. I would have thought, unlike those at Sonos, that most people would want to add to their system the Sonos One, to give them the Alexa part. In fact its most likely that someone already has a Play1 that they are replacing with the One. It makes no sense at all that you would not allow pairing of those two. Shortsighted and not thought out well at all. Classic case of development without proper consideration of practical implementation.
I really rather hope this changes in the name of obvious.
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You can use Sonos One with all Sonos players. It can control what's playing on itself and other rooms with voice, where available. However, Sonos One will only pair with another Sonos One if you are looking to set it up as a stereo pair or as part of a surround setup, it can't bond with a PLAY:1.

I'll make sure to pass on to the team that you're interested in seeing this at some point in the future, but there aren't any plans to share that this might happen.

Made some edits for clarity
So you now have (at least) two Play:1's. You want to buy a single Sonos One to pair with one of your Play's, thus having a Sonos One paired with a Play:1, and (at least) a single Play:1 not paired with anything?

I want you to look at my statement and try to figure out why someone would find it baffling. Look close now, and take your time. Note also that any Sonos device, any at all, can be controlled from any Alexa enabled device, even a $50 Echo Dot.
I would like to add a play one in my excisting sourround system and not to buy two new play one speaker. Also I did not want to have Alexa echo dot extra beside. I´m shure from tecnical side it would not be a problem to combine play one with play 1, they only want to make more money. It is a cheek that they force us to spend more money
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I´m shure from tecnical side it would not be a problem to combine play one with play 1, they only want to make more money. It is a cheek that they force us to spend more money

So you are ‘shure’ are you? This is based on exactly what expert knowledge?
Who is forcing you to do anything?

People - please stop bleating about this, you cannot stereo bind a play:5 to a play:3, you cannot bind a play:3 to a play:1 and you cannot bind a play:1 to a Sonos One - THEY ARE DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. Just because the names sound similar and they look similar does not mean they are the same. Go, buy an Echo dot and move on......

Bleating? Who are you to make this comments. Very ruth. And a typical "Sonos"" adepth with one single view. By the way We are the customers, and we can comment on this. And when you are a customer driven company you listen to your customer....
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As a Sonos lover myself, I certainly hope that Sonos One will pair with Play:1 for stereo sound. If it is NOT possible, there are only 2 solutions:
1. Sell Play:1 and upgrade to Sonos One.
2. But an Alexa device (or Google Home) down the road.

I certainly understand there may be technical difficulties here. But is it just technical reasons here? Or, marketing reasons as well. Selfishly, we want our Sonos speakers to be a bit more future-proof (i.e, only SW upgrades instead of keep on upgrading HW for the latest feature). I am sure you can understand our concerns here. Please consider backward compatibility in the future. Much appreciated!
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Would love to pair a Sonos One and Play:1 in my bedroom. It's not a big enough room that I need two speakers with microphones... Make this possible and I'll pick up a Sonos One instead of an Echo Dot for the bedroom!
according to the verge, "Sonos says it might change this with a future update if enough customers want it"

I definitely want to link to an existing play:1 in my kitchen due to the layout I only need one mic.
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I got my Sonos One today and have been taking very careful notice of how it sounds. It is nearly identical in size and shape to the Play:1, and to my untrained ear, it sounds identical. I attempted to pair them into a stereo pair, but we are not allowed to as they are different devices.

However, because these speakers are so close to each other, it make absolute sense to do this. In fact, such a pair would necessarily be in somewhat close proximity to each other. To have two Alexa devices in the same location makes no sense whatsoever. Having one Alexa enabled and one not Alexa enabled makes a lot of sense.

Please provide the ability to stereo pair Play 1 and Sonos One devices.
Add me to the list who was going to buy a Sonos One but now find I can't pair it with my Play 1. Glad I checked this forum. Even though they may now be thinking about it, you would have thought some wise nut would have kicked someone from day one and mentioned how many more sales they would have got initially. For now, it's a 'no' from me.
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Any update Sonos?
A couple of days ago, their CEO tweeted that they are considering allowing the Play:1 and Sonos One to be paired together. No guarantee that it will happen, but our voices have been heard at the highest levels of the company.
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Just a reminder that there's an unofficial solution that does work in a third-party app called SonoSequencr. It allows creating a stereo pair between any mismatched Sonos speakers (like the Play:1 and Sonos One). It's not able to do 5.1 yet, but the author was looking for people to help test that functionality with the Playbase (he has a Playbar to test with that).

The app is available for iOS in the App Store. I don't believe there's an Android version available, unfortunately.

If you do invest in the app (there is a small cost for it), it has been recommended that you make the Sonos One the left speaker of the pair, as that is the primary speaker.
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Again. It’s a non issue. Sonosequencer will force link them.
I got tired of having to borrow an iPhone with Sonosequencr to pair my 1 and One, so I wrote a Python script that does the same thing. Works just fine. Thought I'd post it here if anyone needs it.
I can seriously see the Play:1 discontinued at some point in the near future since it is the same price point as the Sonos ONE. There is absolutely no need for Sonos to keep the Play:1 around anymore nor support it down the road.

I just bought SIX Play:1s to pair around the house. If I can't pair a Sonos ONE and Play:1, I seriously might just sell off all Sonos and go Google if it sounds good as I need to buy more pairs in the future.

I think Sonos is hoping people with replace Play:1s with Sonos ONEs but I am not going to fall for it.