Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

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Sounds like we all need to make a little noise to make this happen. I'd have been in for 1 or 2 Sonos Ones if I could pair them with my existing Play: 1's!
I was also hoping to split up my pair of Play 1's to mix and match with Play One's so that I could have alexa's capabilities strategically placed in my home, and now that I have them, realize that I can't pair them. This seems short-sighted, and the multiple replies within this thread should show Sonos this. Any update Sonos?
Please add me to the list of people who was about to order a sonos one to pair with my sonos play1 and now isn't sure how to proceed.

I'm new to sonos, I bought my first play1 three weeks ago to try it out, I was happy with the sound quality and decided to get a second play 1. In the meantime, I got the notification from the sonos app that the sonos one was out, so got into the idea of having a smart speaker at home. Not being able to pair in stereo with an almost identical speaker I purchased less than a month ago is frustrating.

If there is some fundamental technical reason why the two cannot be paired, please share that information with the community. I'm an engineer and should be capable of understanding any technical jargon you throw at me.

If they are not compatible, fair enough, I'll accept that and bite the bullet. I can move my single play 1 to the bathroom where a stereo setup would be an overkill, and populate the house with sonos ones and maybe a 5.1 setup as my budget will allow.

If it comes down to minor differences in the sound from the two speakers, that would render the stereo option slightly inferior with a mismatched pair, well then, I agree with those who propose adding a disclaimer in the app and letting the user be the judge of what works for them.

If you are just trying to sell more speakers, I think you are actually going to sell allot less.

I will personally wait to see what the final word is on this, and make do with my single speaker in the meantime. If there is no change I will have to decide if I want to snap up a few second hand Play 1s from those who choose to upgrade, or invest in the newer speakers.

I hope this post is seen as helpful feedback from a customer who could potentially invest in allot of sonos equipment over the years, and not just somebody whining because he can't have what he wants.
Add another very disappointed user to the list.

This seemed like such obvious functionality to me that I didn't even feel the need to verify it before i ordered my "ONE". Needless to say, I was quite surprised. If Sonos is this paranoid about audio purity and thus between the minor sound differences of the Play 1 and the ONE, make me click a stupid box with something like "By connecting these two speakers as a stereo pair I realize that I may experience less than ideal audio performance. To improve performance connect two of the same model Sonos speakers- you half-deaf plebian" At least give me the option, I'm a big boy.

I own well over $1k in Sonos equipment and its this sort of thing that makes me start to feel regret.

PS. I have found my Play ONE is much worse at picking up "Alexa" commands than the 1st Gen Amazon Echo it replaced. Another disappointment.
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Just asked the Sonos support team if Sonos gonna do something about it. The answer: "We do not share any plans for future releases or features. We will let our customers know if/when this will be rolled out." Makes me feel not really important as a customer.
Don't feel bad... it's only the same response that anyone asking about adding any new feature has received for years. Sonos doesn't announce future plans (the last thing said on this specific request is that it's "being considered"), whether or not certain features will be added, or when they will be added. The usual response is that they've noted the request and will pass it on to the developers.

At least with this request, there was enough noise that the CEO felt the need to say that it's being considered. Whether it happens or not is still up in the air.

I'm enjoying my stereo pair with a Play:1 and Sonos One thanks to SonoSequencr though.
I think you guys are being unreasonable. What other piece of technology can you use from 2004 with full functionality in 2017? Sonos have never allowed the pairing of different models. The Sonos One is a different model, even if it looks the same. I would love it if they would allow it, but why not allow the Play 5 and Play 3 to also create stereo pairs with the Sonos One in that case? I think we are targeting a company that has demonstrated a remarkable and unique desire to extend the life of 10+ year old products. Apple makes similarly sized form factor iPhones and they don't even allow the next gen software (iOS 11) to run on a 5 year old device. And yet no one insists that the iPhone needs to change to a be a less similar form factor.

I've spent over $6000 in Sonos equipment, and I have several Play 1s, Play 3s, and even a Play 5. I would personally love if they'd allow a Sonos One to pair, but the tone of some of these 'requests'; "Attention: Sonos. You just lost a potential sale because something I WANT, (hat has never been promised to me) I DID NOT GET. And if don't get exactly what I WANT, I'm going to boycott your product." Who talks like that? Has anyone is the history of their job ever been talked to like that and thought "Gee, I really want to go above and beyond my job responsibilities to help that person get their demand met?"

Here's a thought. Go buy those other products then. If those companies have demonstrated a dedication to updating 13 year old hardware with new functionality, works as reliably as Sonos, and satisfies your demands in a superior way, support those companies. But don't come here into a forum, spend the time to sign-up and post, and whine about something you feel entitled to, from a company that's doing it better (not perfect, but better) that every single tech company out there. The ZP100 came out 3 years before the first iPhone, 4 years before the first Zune was even developed, and 4 years before Spotify. I'm going to go listen to ARIZONA on my ZP100 linked to my Sonos SUB (a device that didn't even exist) via Spotify Connect now. I can't even use an old iPhone 3Gs, made 6 years later after my ZP100 to even open Spotify. Yeah, Sonos is the problem.
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I have a Sonos 5.1 setup that includes a pair of Sonos Play:1's. Now that I know I can't just replace a Play:1 with Sonos One, I'm not going to buy a Sonos One. Right now I have my Sonos 5.1 setup with an Echo Dot. It would have been nice if I could replace Sonos Play:1 and Echo Dot with a single device (Sonos One).
I want to add my voice to all of the other Sonos customers who were surprised and disappointed that it is not possible to create a stereo pair between a Play:1 and One. I just purchased a Sonos One with the intent to create a stereo pair with an existing Play:1. It never occurred to me that this wouldn't be possible, given that the One is clearly positioned to replace the Play:1. Please Sonos, reconsider including this feature to make many of your existing customers happy!
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Personally, if you have two Sonos One's in one room, I would just go through and mute the microphone on one of them. That way the same speaker is always answering you and there should be no confusion on Alexa's part as a result. I would mute whichever speaker is the right one in your pair... the left speaker is the primary speaker in a stereo pair.
And people tend to ignore it still.

No one is ignoring you Chris. That is a 3rd party, workaround solution. Yes, it is a solution. There are people replying to this thread to add their voice to the request for support from SONOS directly. Unless you work for SONOS, and you are confirming 100% the answer is never, please just allow people to ask for what they want.

Like I said, thank you for providing this information, but you don't need to badger every person who isn't satisfied with it. You must be aware that 3rd party solutions are not the equivalent of native support, so please just allow people to want what they want.
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Hi everyone, thanks for sharing your feedback and voice. The official answer on this topic is in the thread, but it's a bit buried at this point.

To be clear, the Sonos One can be used with all Sonos players. It can control what's playing on itself and other rooms with voice, where available. However, Sonos One will only pair with another Sonos One if you are looking to set it up as a stereo pair or as part of a surround setup, it can't bond with a Play:1.

While the Play:1 and Sonos One share a similar appearance and sound, the two are aesthetically and acoustically two different speakers. Stereo pairing the two is not possible through the Sonos app.

This comes down to the hardware in the players themselves. You're going to start seeing more differences between the Play:1 and the Sonos One when it comes to features in the future, as new things are added to the system that might not be compatible with older hardware. We strive to keep products working with core functionality for as long as possible. As we add new features, older products may have more limitations.

You might have heard recently that we're bringing Airplay 2 to Sonos on a selection of players. The Sonos One will be available as an Airplay 2 target, but the Play:1 will not be. The first Sonos players ever, the ZP100, is still out there rocking today, so don't worry about the life of your Play:1s. That one won't be an Airplay 2 target either, but you'd be able to group a Sonos One with a ZP100 and play Airplay 2 to both, just like with a Play:1. The group is different from stereo bonding.

There are some community suggestions for ways to bond a Play:1 with a Sonos One, mentioned in this thread, but they aren't officially recommended. They may work for what you're looking for, but the setup could potentially be unstable.

Thanks again everyone for sharing, and we'll make sure the team knows this is still something you'd like to see happen, but there aren't any plans to share on bonding a Play:1 and Sonos One as a pair.
I got tired of having to borrow an iPhone with Sonosequencr to pair my 1 and One, so I wrote a Python script that does the same thing. Works just fine. Thought I'd post it here if anyone needs it.
I also have a pair of play1's in a 5.1 setup. I would like to buy 2 Ones and now have 2 stereo pairs, one in the living room and one in the family room, each with Alexa capabilities.
Having both microphones in one room is a not something I would consider. Another lost sale here.
I will just buy an Alexa when it is time to add voice control.
I too would love this to be a possibility. I already have two play 1s, would love to buy two Ones to make two stereo pairs in two room that can both have alexa integration. For people who are saying why not just buy a echo dot, Sonos One’s integration is deeper as you don’t need to say the room/group, the nearest One will pick up the command and start playing music in its groups
To echo what has already been said above, I would also love to be able to pair a couple of Play 1s with a couple of Ones to make two stereo pairs with Alexa capability.
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Are you sure it's pointless? For larger rooms, having one mic location can get a little difficult. I can see where having 2 can be useful. I haven't tired it yet, but I wouldn't be too surprised if I have a better experience.
Maybe if your room is really large, but my surrounds sit about 2 metres either side of my central TV watching position. I am going to pick up a Google Home mini and an Echo Dot to mess about with shortly though, so I'll reserve judgement on how well far-field mics work in my particular environment.

Based on what information? The fact that they are around the same size?

Based on the specs sheet and a bunch of early impressions saying it sounds basically the same.

The Sonos One uses the same audio components and speakers as those found in the Play:1, but the internal layout had to be completely redesigned in order to fit the microphones.

So yeah, it might not be sonically identical due to the 'internal layout being redesigned' but if the hardware is the same a mismatched pair should be able to be sent exactly the same audio signal as a matched pair. Any differences would be purely acoustic, akin to having one of your pair on a bookshelf and one on a table, for example.

Sonos doesn't really like doing that kind of thing. They don't seem to want to allow the customers to setup the system in a way they know will not sound good. Probably a big reason why they don't do bluetooth.
True, which is a very Apple-ish 'we know better than you' approach and kinda frustrating for a die-hard Android user and tech tinkerer. Luckily AirAudio allows you to stream any system audio source from a rooted Android to Sonos 🙂
Would love to pair a Sonos One and Play:1 in my bedroom. It's not a big enough room that I need two speakers with microphones...

Exactly my thoughts Perhaps SONOS have shot themselves in the foot by making a device that looks like a Play1 and have called it a One.... so its understandable why people want to pair them. If you had called them a Play2 and made them look different there wouldn't be this hastle. Your focus groups must of missed this. So I assume that both the Play 1 and the One will both be available for some time - so that I can finish of pairs with matching speakers....
Another vote for the Sonos One be able to be bonded with the original Play:1. I was disappointed today when I discovered this was not possible.
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Make it so Sonos. I own 7 play 1's and would buy more Play One's if they paired with Play 1's. Everyone clear on this? Good.
Lol. Beam me up as well, to a world where this happens instantly.
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I would love to be able to make a stereo pair out of Play:One and Sonos:One. I already own two Play1s (in a stero pair). If I could buy two Sonos:One's then I could make mixed stereo pairs and have voice control in two rooms instead of just one. Please make it so, Sonos! Without the ability to mix them, I'm sticking with just one new speaker instead of two, which sadly won't be in stereo but I'm still looking forward to getting voice control in one room.
I don’t understand why this can’t directly replace a play one in a pair or surround scenario. I don’t need more than one Alexa in the room but would LOVE to have the voice command integration as part of my primary listening space and port to the surround setup. As far as I can tell, the acoustics aren’t so different that it would sound wrong if there were even any changes to the audio components at all that is.
Was just about to buy two Play Ones but after realising they can’t be paired with Play 1s I have changed my mind. More lost sales for Sonos..
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As mentioned in another thread, customer desire for this capability has reached the top within Sonos. Sonos' CEO tweeted the other day that they are considering allowing the Play:1 and Sonos One speakers to be paired with each other, and to "stay tuned". That's not confirmation that it will happen, but it's at least promising to know that our voices are being heard on this matter. 🙂
I add myself to request for ability to add a sonos one with a play one in a stereo Pair.