Play 1's, Play 3's, and Play 5's Set Up Stereo Pair (Quicker Set Up Required)

  • 10 May 2015
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Just purchased two Play 1's and set them up as a stereo pair, during the setup I followed the instructions to add a player or sub and added one of the Plays, once added it asked me if I wanted to add another Play so I clicked to add another Play and added the other Play 1. Now I have two Play 1's in the same zone but not stereo paired, to achieve a stereo pair I had to go into the first rooms settings to add a stereo pair, it did recognise that the second Play was in the same zone (room2) and ask me to use that. So it was really simple to set up but required extra clicks to achieve a stereo pair, therefore I would request that from the Add Play or Sub screen there is a quicker option to stereo pair or another top level option to Add Stereo Pair.

1 reply


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