Play 1 and play 5 do not have the same volume ??

  • 30 December 2016
  • 1 reply

Hi all, I'm new at this forum.

I have just bought a play 5 2 gen, and I already have 5 play 1.

In my living room/kitchen I alteady have 3 play 1 installed, and now I added a play 5 for more deep bass which it provide 🙂.

But when I group these 4 speakers it seems like the sound level is lower on the play 5, even thou they have the same volume level. It's like I have to give the play 5 10% more on the volume scale, to even it out.

Are there any good explanation to this, or other who have experienced the same ?

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1 reply

Different models have slightly different volume control characteristics, so this isn't an issue as it would be if you noticed this within the same model units. Use the individual volume controls to even things out as you have done; subsequent changes can usually be left to just the group slider, to change overall levels.