Planning to purchase ONE Voice Controlled Smart Speaker

  • 31 May 2020
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I’m planning to purchase ONE Voice Controlled Smart Speaker. I would like to use it with Airplay 2 and use simultaneously with my other Airplay 2 speakers.

All my Airplay 2 speakers are all connected to 5ghz wifi connection and I have 2.4ghz broadcast. 

Will I be able to connect ONE Voice Controlled Smart Speaker to my 5ghz wifi ?


1 reply

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@Raul R Thank you for reaching out to us here and welcome to the Sonos Community. As part of our system requirements, other than our Move, we setup on the routers 2.4 G connection. Do you have other Sonos products, when you say all of my other Airplay 2 speakers, that use the iOS feature of Airplay? If you have a different Airplay 2 product(s) your iOS device may not be able to Airplay to them and your Sonos One at the same time. If you have more Sonos products other than just a Sonos One you can group your Airplayable and Non-Airplayable Sonos products in the Sonos app.

The Airplay feature is the iOS device seeing a speaker room name as a target on the wifi network to play out to and your iOS device may only be able to target both the Sonos One or your other product(s) simultaneously.