Pairing the Playbar with 3 Sonos One SLs & controlling volume for all 4 with my TV remote

  • 22 January 2020
  • 3 replies

I have a Playbar and 3 SL one’s that are my speakers for my TV. I want to use my TV remote to control the volume on ALL 3 speakers at the same time. I have them grouped currently but ‘view’ them as individual speakers.

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3 replies

Unfortunately, a remote control paired with a soundbar will only control the room that the soundbar is in, and not any grouped rooms, I’m sure Sonos will add your voice to the others who have asked for the same thing. 

Thanks for the reply, so the speakers are all in the same physical room. The speaker naming is simply to identify speakers that are on the bar at the back of the room vs the TV and sound bar that is at the front of the room. Can I name all the speakers the same thing to gain the control I am seeking?

No, room names have nothing to do with functionality, nor does physical location. It’s the functionality in the code that is the cause. 

To repeat, a TV’s remote control will only control the sound bar, the SUB, and the surrounds that are connected to that sound bar. Those speakers are called ‘bonded speakers’ in Sonos parlance, and are considered ‘slave” devices to the sound bar,

Any other ‘grouped’ rooms, no matter what name they have, will not only be subject to a 75ms delay for buffering, but will not be controlled by the TV’s remote control.