Pairing multiple speakers

  • 30 December 2017
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In my living room I have a pair of Play 5s, a sub and a playbar. Is it possible to set it up so when I watch TV I use the playbar and the sub and when I listen to music I use the Play 5s and the sub. So far all I can figure out is to have all of them play with music and with TV.

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1 reply

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Hello there, kevinh1801. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. You can stereo pair the PLAY:5's as one room called "Living Room" and then rename the PLAYBAR to something like "TV". The biggest challenge with this is that you will need to bond the SUB every time you want to use it with a different room. This means that after watching TV with the PLAYBAR and SUB, you will then need to remove the SUB from the TV room and bond it with the stereo pair of PLAY:5's.

In my honest opinion, I'm not sure if you would need the SUB to go with a stereo pair of PLAY:5's. They have a great sonic range especially when stereo paired.