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[quote=dingcuppie]Here it is...

I ordered one and it works great. This company is trying to work with Sonos but Sonos said No... so... he will do it on his own.

Tell him Florida Dan sent you.
Thanks for the info, Florida Dan. Looks interesting. Just don’t know about somebody who is specifically not authorized by Sonos taking apart and putting back together my speaker. I guess they look fairly qualified. But, thanks for the lead!
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Hi doughboy

If you're not in a hurry here's the Sonos approved outdoor speaker. It will require that you purchase a Sonos Amp unless you have a Connect:AMP already. However, the Sonos Amp will also offer Tureplay tuning along with some other great features.


BestBuy is offering the deal below via their Magnolia store;


FYI, you can use any outdoor speaker with the Sonos Amp as long as they meet and don't exceed the specifications.