Outdoor sonos speakers

  • 2 August 2020
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Hello, I have Sonos throughout my home. I want o add 2 outdoor sonos speakers. Do I need the Sonos AMP and are the Sonos outdooor speakers battery operated or do the need power. 

Also if I need the amp where does it need to be located. 

Thank you

2 replies

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Hi @Johnnya88 

There are two options to add Sonos outdoors. One option is temporary the other is permanent.

Option 1_Temporary

  1. Requires Sonos Move (or Moves).
  2. Weather Proof
  3. AC or Battery operated (Do not leave speaker outdoors in bad weather when operating on AC)
  4. Bluetooth capable
  5. Wi-Fi capable
  6. Can be used as Stereo pair when on Wif-Fi
  7. Click for more information

Option 2_Permanent

  1. Requires Sonos Amp (Amp should be protected from liquids, extreme heat and cold)
  2. Can wire up to four (4) 3rd party speakers @ 8 ohms
  3. Can wire up to six (6) Sonos Outdoor Architectural Speakers by Sonance
  4. Click for more information on Sonos Amp
  5. Click for more information on Sonos Outdoor Archictectural Speakers by Sonance 

After you decide which direction you’d like to pursue please post back with additional questions.


Thank you  for the quick response, will do.