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Hey all,

It recently occurred to me that I may not be using my existing sonos play 1s and play 3s optimally. I originally had a 5.1 system setup in the family room/kitchen zone (playbar, sub, 2 play3s). I actually inherited this setup when I bought my house a couple years (lucky me!). Since that time, I've added 2 play 1s (stereo) to my bedroom. I'm not at all disappointed in either zone, but I'm wondering if I would make sense to switch the 1s and 3s.

I spend most of the time in the family room zone, and am very happy with the sound there. I don't really want to drop the sound quality much. The bedroom feels like it could use a little bit more, but again, I'm not disappointed. I know I could switch it and try it out for a while to see what works, but figured I'd get some opinions first.

Thanks in advance...

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I truly cannot see how anybody's opinions could be of any value whatsoever compared with listening to the actual speakers in the actual rooms and with your ears and sonic preferences.
melvimbe wrote:

I know I could switch it and try it out for a while to see what works

Do just that; with Sonos it is easy to.

For what its worth, in theory, you should end up in a better place because the 1 units are all that is needed for surround sound, while the 3 units offer better standalone sound quality.
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Thanks for the advice.


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