one Beam and four One gen 2 speakers

  • 28 August 2020
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can two pairs of Sonos One’s be grouped as two front channel stereo pair and two as rear surrounds all centred around a Beam?  So assuming it would mimic a 5.1 theatre system.


4 replies

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No, can’t be done. 

Thanks for your reply….obviously I’m new to Sonos so asking the question but would have expected this would be a desirable feature.


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Hi @wdw92, thanks for reaching out. Regarding your concern about this kind of setup, I agree with @nik9669a, this won’t be possible. For a 5.1 surround setup, It features five speakers – left, right, center, left rear surround, right rear surround – and one subwoofer. So you can use one pair of the Sonos One’s that you have, but after this setup, You still have the option to add the other two speakers and add it as a group speaker to the 5,1 setup. 

Let us know how you get on with the advice above.

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The Beam does the front left, centre and right.

If you haven't bought them yet, save yourself some money and get One SLs not Ones for the rear speakers. The only difference is Alexa/Google and that is handled by the Beam anyway.