Not able to switch speakers to different stereo pairs

  • 29 November 2017
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I have four Play1 speakers. Stereo pairs were originally separated into two different rooms: speakers A+B and speakers C+D. For a good reason, I physically swapped speakers A and C, and split the stereo pairs via iPhone. But, am unable to set up the speakers as C+B and A+D. The system will only re pair the speakers as they were previously. Is there a way I can reset these speakers so they lose their previous associations?

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2 replies

I am really surprised by that - there shouldn't be an issue with what you are trying to do. Can you confirm how the speakers are currently named? You don't have two speakers with the same name?
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I called into support and we figured this out. Despite my using them regularly over the past year or so, two of my speakers for some reason reset back to an unidentified/undiscovered state. I had to set those speakers up, name them, and then was able to pair them back into the new configuration. This is one of those crazy one-off's that just HAD to happen to me! 🙂