Normal for a New Play 5?

  • 29 December 2016
  • 3 replies

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Bought a new Play 5 from best buy, had the security tabs in place and was wrapped inside. I noticed the rubber feet on the right side are worn, they have shiny spots, looks like it has been standing on that side.

Do other people's units have this? Is from standing on that side during assembly or is it possible it was a used unit that has been refurbished and put back in the box? Thanks

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3 replies

I just went to check on my PLAY:5 that I've purchased last month. I never had it standing on the side.
All three rubber feet on the left look okay; the two small rubber feet on the right however appear worn on mine as well... The long one in the back looks okay.

Thanks for pointing that out... now I will notice every time I look at those. 🙂
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Thanks nEqk for checking. Same on mine the left side looks fine, only the right side. I guess it must be from assembly then, maybe the same person put ours together 🙂
Well besides that, he/she did a great job! :-)
Have a great day!