No connection

  • 23 November 2017
  • 2 replies

Had my unit unplugged for sometime,try to connect it and it won’t,all i get is a blinking white light,try a master reset and my finger hurts after holding that button,connect directly to router,switched power cord and still nothing,i have a play 5 gen 1,somebody help

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2 replies

Depending on how long your PLAY:5 gen 1 has been unplugged, it is entirely possible that the firmware is so out of date, it can't be automatically upgraded. Your best bet is to hook it up to your router with an ethernet cable and call in to Sonos. A tech will likely have to remote in to your system and apply some special software to update the device. You can find phone number and hours at
Thanks,that sounds like a solution,i did go trough at least 3 updates while it was unplugged,thanks a lot for your guidance