New Product Suggstion: Sonos Partner

  • 25 October 2017
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Looking at some of the broad themes in recent posts it seems like there is an opportunity here to release a new product that would address a lot of desires. Sonos could do a refresh to the Play1 and call it the "Sonos Partner" (for example) with the key changes being that it has the same speaker components and outside paint as the Sonos One and has an analog input jack like the Play5. This would address the following concerns:

-Provide a non-microphone speaker that can pair with the Sonos One for folks who are uncomfortable with dueling microphones.

-Provide a line-in option for folks who prefer a pair of Ones plus a Sub over a pair of Play5s.

-When paired with a Sonos One you would still have future Airplay2 and Google Home Assistant functionality.

It could also be used by itself with an Echo Dot plugged into the line-in and provide the following advantages:

- There would be no ducking issues when using a wired Dot.

-It would act as an actual Echo speaker rather than an Alexa enabled one so it could be grouped with other Echo speakers, fully participate in intercom, phone and messaging (a Play1 quality speakerphone would be nice!) and could do the daily briefing and other skills the Sonos One cannot. It would also allow the wake word to be changed and the attention tone disabled if desired.

-It would maintain clear market distinction from Amazon Echo products due to it's ability to be paired for stereo, add a Sub for deep base, and play from your local library (using the Sonos app).

-Instead of a Dot you would have the option to plug in an Echo Spot instead which would provide lyrics and artwork displays.

I'm not sure what the long range plan is for the Play1 but a refresh like this would certainly tick a lot of boxes.

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