My sonos play 5 doesnt finish playing full songs

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chp wrote:

Spoke too soon, still having problems with the songs skipping. Our Sonos system is updated to the current software release.

New Diagnostic #363849783.

Hi chp,

Thanks for sending in the new report. I'm able to see that there are a couple wireless access points on your network. They are running on different wireless channels. This can make it hard for the Sonos units to stay connected and streaming. Can you set all of your wireless access points to the same wireless channel and see if that helps?
We had IT come in and reset the channels. Still the problem continues; Music cuts out anywhere from 1 minute left in the song to the last 10-15 seconds. We have rebooted the system and the problem persists. Wireless signal is 60-80 megs down and up as the wireless access point is in the same room.

Edit: Currently using Apple Music. I have also un-linked and re-added my account.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated as I am ready to throw these units out into the streets.

New Diagnostic #824983402.
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Hi chp

Corporate networks are the most difficult to diagnose as there are so many variables to contend with. Just to name few:

Cell phones
Microwave ovens
Direct Print Printers (generating their own signal)
Secondary Networks (Internal and External)
and of course Access Points

I don't know how large your complex is but my advice at this point (if allowable) is to purchase the Sonos Boost component. At the very least you will mitigate Wi-Fi interference and if the problem persists you can look elsewhere for other culprits. One thing to know is that the Boost should not be operating on the same channel as an AP.

I really hope you get your issues sorted. Cheers!
Update: Bought a Sonos boost as recommended. The problem still occurs!! What can you tell by the new diagnostic number? The boost is located about 15' away from the units.

Diagnostic Number: 950135296
Any updates?
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Hi chp, sorry for the delay. It looks like your BOOST and the rest of Sonos are running on the same channel (channel 6) as your other wireless networks. Can you try changing the wireless channel to channel 1 or 11 and see how they go?
Hi Ryan, we have tried this already with no success. We have emailed IT to review again.
If that's the case, is it possible that your router is automatically choosing the channel it believes is the best one? Some routers have this capability, which makes life challenging for the Sonos devices. The ideal situation that Ryan was suggesting is that both your own wifi, and the SonosNet channels remain separate at all times. If your router is flipping between channels depending on what it perceives is the most "available" channel, then at times it might choose the same channel that the Sonos is using, and give you some interference and dropouts.
Another update. We have moved the sonos Boost to several different locations; both upstairs and downstairs. We have tried changing the channels from 1, 6 and 11. We are finding the boost actually creates more problems than resolving them. With that said we are taking the boost back to Best Buy for a refund. We were hoping this would resolve our broken system.

We have also tried hard wiring a few sonos devices which again was unsuccessful. Any last suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks,

Diagnostic #1884748313.
Any updates?
I'd recommend that you contact Sonos to discuss it. Much quicker than waiting here for a response. And in my opinion, there's an advantage to a voice to voice conversation. If they need to remote in to your system for any reason, being on the phone makes that possible.

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