My Sonos is not working!

Nothing is working from my iPhone 10

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Hi kevinkurt

Kind'a of vague statement. Please answer the questions manner how trival they may appear to be.

1. Have you updated iPhone and powered cycled it?
2. Have updated the Sonos app?
3. Have you updated your router?
4. Try resetting your router
5. Is your router broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal?
6. Are all your speakers plugged in?
7. Try unplugging each Sonos product for 30 seconds one by one
8. Have you changed routers and/or added range extenders?
9. Have you changed the SSID/Password on your router?
10. Report back with results to this forum and be a bit more specific as to your issue

You can also submit a diagnostic and post the reference ID in this forum. Then call or contact Sonos via Twitter.


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