Music stopping/dropping from one room

  • 28 April 2020
  • 2 replies

Hi my lounge has just started randomly stopping for a couple of seconds when I play music grouped with another room, diagnostics 1640297010, anyone know why this might be happening it's connected through wireless network nothing is connected to the hub.

Set up is 

Lounge: playbar, sub, 2xp1s

Kitchen: p1



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2 replies

Hello @Bray123. Welcome to the Community. I understand that you are having some trouble with audio stopping on your speaker. I am seeing some interference on your speakers. multiple devices in the same environment can cause this. If you take a look at our article on interference, you can find more information on what can cause interference, and how to prevent it. 

It is best to move Sonos devices a few feet apart from any potential source listed in that article.

Hi Richard thanks for your reply I will give the article a read and maybe make some changes however I have rebooted all the sonos devices and this seems to have solved my problem, however it may be worth noting that when I was getting drop outs from my lounge I was listening to a play list through the new sonos radio app after rebooting I listened to a play list through Spotify with no issues so I might have to try the sonos radio again and see what happens (may just be coincidence).