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  • 27 September 2021
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I’ve had my Move for about a month, its the 1st Sonos product I’ve owned, coming from the world of headphones and Hifi.


I am confused by the lack of detail around the functionality of the Move. There does not seem to be a proper manual as such, makes it hard to understand how it works.


I use the move mostly in 2 rooms. The second room does not have a charging loop and I’m not near the device when its in use.


After playing music and stopping, after around 30 min, it goes into a stand-by stage. I’ve read a few other discussions on the topic, again seems odd we are asking each other how these things work and not referring to a manual that defines its functionality.


I’ve been supplied a link to a document on the Sleep Mode -, 1st rep didn’t seem to know about it, second didn’t know about it until after factory reset, etc…


I want to be able to resume playback after 30 min from the play button on top or the app. 

For now the play button does not work after the 30, the reps have not been able to confirm what to expect from the app when its in stand-by, other users experiences seems to be really hit / miss.

Can anyone please define for me;

  • Should the app still be able to see the device and start playback after this time? If so, for how long? Until the battery goes low?
  • Does anyone else think the play button on top should work until the power level is low

I’ve asked that the stand-by time be adjustable / switchable, but don’t think I’ll hear back on that one...


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1 reply

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Based on the article you posted and the Sonos User Guide for the Move, you must hit the power button to wake the Move from sleep mode if it is off of the charging base.

If you want to be able to use the Play button to resume play after 30 minutes, your best option would be to purchase another charging base for the second room.

User Guide for the Move: