MOVE reduction in sound playing a movie thru macbook

I bought the MOVE to use as a sound source for when we have outdoor movies however we’ve been really frustrated to find out that when you airplay the sound or bluetooth the sound from a movie played on a MacBook Air the sound from the MOVE is at 50% of what it typically would be if you were playing music directly from the app.  I called SONOS & they have no idea why it does this.  Very frustrating because the MOVE could be ideal for this if it worked at it’s typical volume.

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Is this only when you play movies? What about when you listen to music or play any other audio from your MacBook? What app are you using to stream movies?

Good ?’s. So I thought it was just movies but when I airplay Apple Music from my MacBook to the MOVE I noticed the sound is significantly lower than if I play it through the SONOS app on my phone.  I’m just streaming the movies using safari & I’ve tried Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple Movies & movies thru Xfinity.  Also tried with through my MacBook Pro & same problem

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When listening to audio from the MacBook, are you only adjusting the volume control on the Move and Sonos app or are you also adjusting the volume on the MacBook?