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  • 6 November 2019
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Really disappointed with the battery on my Move, especially the drain speed when turned completely off.

Hoping a software update fixes it soon.

Battery life has been a BIG problem since I purchased the MOVE.  The convenience of the MOVE is great.  Sonos is a really really good system and fits our lifestyle very well.  

We have noticed all the things mentioned in this post.

. the MOVE for some odd reason turns itself on after we turned it off.  When it does this is seems to tell our main Amazon Echo device to stand down while the MOVE takes over household Alexa commands.  Again this happens randomly.

. the battery life when in use is not 10 hours, never has been.  More like 3-5 hours.

. our current situation w/ our new MOVE device is it won’t charge at all.  We put it in the cradle, the amber light notifies us that it indeed sees the charger, then does nothing.  We’ve had it in the oval charging ring for a week now and nothing.  It’s a paperweight.


This is what I get for buying version 1.0.  Knowing Sonos, they will solve these issues, I’m confident in that.  Meanwhile, the early adapters live with it.

I want to post an update.  I found a post on another site that said if your SONOS MOVE is unresponsive, press the power button for 60 seconds then it will come to life.  Well I did that, it did not come to life, UNTIL I reset it on the charging cradle, than boom.  My sonos windows app, saw it, said it was at 100% power and I’ve used it today.  Still only got about 5-6 hours out of it, but at least it’s working again.



Adding my voice to this topic.  My Move when fully powered down with long press of Power Button + Beep, will suffer battery drain from 100% down to 65% over 6 days.   Unit was listed as offline the whole time in the Android App.  It was free standing not docked on power ring.   No other battery device I own losses anything like this much charge over such a short period.  If Sonos is listening to this topic - please fix.  

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If a device is powered fully off by a long button press, for me it should no longer respond to any remote commands and should be completely off (no WOL equivalent) and require a button press to switch it back on.  It should still be in the very high nineties a week later.

There's a simple explanation for the battery drain and I doubt Sonos will ever admit to it.


When you purchase a Sonos Move, you’re ultimately purchasing a premium speaker riddled with spyware not by one, but two of the largest data-whoring companies in the United States.


There’s a reason Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Home products require a 120v receptacle. That reason simply being that the devices would die within mere hours had they been wireless. Regardless of what “buzz words” Amazon or Google tell you their devices strictly listen for, you must understand that these devices are always recording/listening. There are plenty of horror stories available online to read through if you don’t believe me. And in the case of the Sonos Move, an always-on microphone = massive battery consumption. 


I don’t forsee Sonos fixing this problem as they have minimal control over Amazon and Google’s horrid software.



If Sonos were smart, they’d release a microphone-free Move. I assure you all battery issues would be completely resolved.



Smarten up people and get these listening-devices out of your homes. You’re sacrificing privacy to save yourself 3 clicks from your smart phone.





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I'm pretty sure that's not true to be honest.  There are certainly issues with the Move but they're not related to the Mic.

I’m experiencing the Sonos Move battery drain problem too on a new Sonos Move. I charge it up to 100%, turn it off completely with a 5 second press, and 6 days later it is completely dead and will not power up with a long press. I can charge it back up by placing it on the cradle.  I’ve gone through this cycle 3 times now so it’s clearly not holding a charge when powered completely off.