Move and YouTube and Zoom bluetooth

  • 12 May 2020
  • 2 replies

Anyone else notice that after watching YouTube, the Move speaker stops responding to certain apps?  I’m using Zoom on Windows 10, and the Move is connected via Bluetooth.  If I turn on YouTube, and then either switch to a Zoom in progress, or start or join a Zoom meeting, the speaker plays nothing.  I have to go to my Bluetooth devices and disconnect/reconnect the Move speaker to get it back.  Anyone else see anything like this?  Is there a workaround?  Thx.

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2 replies

Hi @kjaslow. Thanks for the shutout.

As I would aspect the Bluetooth in the Move to operate the same as other Bluetooth speakers, my suspicion is that this issue may be related to the computer itself and where it’s sending the Bluetooth cast. To test this, would you be able to pair another Bluetooth speaker tot he computer and assess if the issue is present on the non-Sonos player?

Just thought I’d follow up here.  I’ve discovered that this is a problem that is either O/S or browser related.  The scenario is that, when listening to video or music as well as any other app that generates sound, pausing the video or music stops a bluetooth speaker from playing any sound at all.  I encountered it when I was in a waiting room for a Zoom meeting, and was playing a video or a song.  When the meeting starts, and I hit pause on the media, the Zoom sound stops as well.  I thought I had to disconnect and reconnect the bluetooth speaker (which does work).  But if I hit play on the media, the Zoom sound comes back.  So, seems to be bigger than a problem with the Sonos speaker.  I’ve seen this problem reported for both Windows and Apple computers.  I have no answer, but can at least confirm that this is not a Sonos problem…  Hope this helps someone.