link Sonos Play 1 to my hifi systems' internet radio

  • 5 August 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi Everybody

Have just bought and set up the Play 1, which is picking up Internet radio wirelessly through my PC's router.

Happy with that., but wondering if/how I can link this(wirelessly) in with the Internet Radio on my HiFi so that I can run this through my Hifi rather than via the Sonos app.

My PC is upstairs ( and I therefore have to go upstairs if I want to change station..!), and my HiFi downstairs.

The HiFi links in to my router via a WiFi range extender ( BT AC750)~ethernet cable attached from the extender to the HiFi .

Thanks for reading/replying !

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1 reply

The Play will not link but if you bought a Sonos Connect you could send the audio out of the hifi (assuming it has output sockets) to the connect and then onto the Play 1 or multiple Sonos speakers throughout the house. The Connect could also work in reverse and send music to your hifi, so you could ubscribe to a music service that your hifi does not support and have it playing on your hifi.