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  • 28 January 2018
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I am a long time user of Sonos and have loved your product since it it came out. I am running a Sonos Bridge with 2 Sonos Play5 speakers. I recently tried to play music and noticed no status light on my Bridge. The networks lights on the back of the bridge are ON but the light on the top of the bridge isnt. Instead it's a faded white blinking light. I physically connected my speakers to my router and was able to connect with no issues. However, I cant connect the Bridge.

I've tried rebooting the router and modem but no luck.
I just sent over my support diagnostics, confirmation number 8419155.

Please let me know what I can try to get my system back up and running.
Thank you,

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7 replies

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With the speaker attached and system working. I would try a factory reset of the bridge and see if under settings you can then add back to system.
Thank you Chris,
To factory reset the bridge you hold down the connect button, unplug, plug back in and should blink from amber to green or something. If you are referring to this then I tried it but the top of the bridge only blinks a faint white dot.
How do you suggest I factory reset the bridge?
Thanks again!
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Unplug the power cord from the electrical wall outlet.
Press and hold the Connect button while simultaneously plugging the power cord back into the electrical wall outlet.
Continue holding the Connect button until the light begins flashing amber and white.
Once reset, the light will flash green, indicating the product has been reset and can be added back to your Sonos household.
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If that doesnt work it could be a bad power supppy
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If bad power supply find another 5V/2A PSUs which will do the job. Search Amazon for "sonos bridge power supply". Maybe if call Sonos they could possibly send you one.
Hi Chris,
This is exactly what I tried before but unfortunately I dont get a flashing amber or green light on the top of the bridge. Only a faint blinking white light. I held it down for quite a while and no response.
Anything else you suggest I try?
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That would be the new power supply.