issues with move

  • 24 June 2020
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i have a boost in my home with 4 zones set up with play 1, play 3, sub, playbar, sonos one and now the move.  the move sounds great but because it doesn;t connect to the boost i have tons of issues with it dropping constantly.  i am so disappointed!  i almost always group the move with my other zones/speakers but it seems that because they aren't on the same network (boost vs 5gh wireless) its sketchy as hell.  i need some help! 


i really used to worship sonos but starting to think they are losing their edge. i have reset the move multiple times, deleted the extender network from it’s ‘sight’ and still having issues.  someone please help.  my expectation is that it is a seamless experience between all the speakers.  anything else is unacceptable, 

0 replies

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