Is this normal experience with Sonos Support?

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Yes, breaking the glass on your phone is FAR more common that puncturing the grille on a speaker. This is the very first instance I've ever heard of. There's no way Sonos is going to keep an inventory of something that simply doesn't break more than 0.01% of the time. Do you have any idea how expensive maintaining a spare parts inventory is? Triple the cost of your speakers for them to maintain a parts store...You guys are missing his/her point.. When you buy a higher-end product you expect higher-end service. It's not really that complicated.. Sure it may happen 0.01% of the time, which is obviously not accurate, but it does happen. People who have kids, getting drunk, trying to navigate in the dark, I can mention lots of ways a speaker can accidentally get damaged. Sonos knows this and has chosen to not sell replacement parts, other than cables. Why make $25-$50 on a grill when you can make 5-6 times that.. Higher-end products should come with high-end support. And they do, that's why people spend a little extra $ on some things..
What is high end in this field? Certainly not Sonos; by most standards of the home audio industry, Sonos is mass market. Which is the main reason why audiophiles look down their noses at it.

And I doubt that Sonos has chosen to not sell grilles just to spite its customer base.
And I have no answer to someone that challenges the last statement above by asking - how do you know, are you a Sonos employee.
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A way cheaper work around for your dented speaker grille would be to buy a cover for your speaker, like this: