Is this a good option for outdoor patio?

  • 3 March 2021
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Looking to get some outdoor speakers on my newly built covered patio and I'm looking at options. I currently do not have any receiver/system of any kind (only using a small Bose blutooth speaker for inside the home).


If I'm understanding correctly, Sonos recently released outdoor speakers that are "passive" and require no wires or electrical connections of any kind? And in order to operate those, I will first need to purchase a Sonos Amp? Sounds like a pretty good option to get some good sound both inside and outside my house if I bought the amp, several indoor speakers, and a pair of outdoor speakers? Am I understanding this setup correctly? The only thing I need is Wifi to get this going?

2 replies

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The Sonos Architectural by Sonance outdoor speakers are passive speakers but you still have to wire them to the Sonos Amp for power. You can connect up to six of these speakers to an Amp (up to four speakers from another brand). And if you added other Sonos speakers inside of the house, they could connect to the Amp wirelessly (on your Wi-Fi network) and play the same music on both your indoor and outdoor speakers.

The only completely wireless option is the Sonos Move, as it runs off batteries.  It does need to be charged regularly.  It’s rated for outdoor use, but you can’t leave permanently outside.