Is there a way to use a legacy Connect with my Play:1 and Playbar speakers?

  • 24 June 2020
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Extremely disappointed with this update. I have an older Connect, and newer speakers, and suddenly I can’t connect them. It's essentially useless if I want latest software. I thought the promise of this company was to always continue supporting older equipment, but that’s only happening as a technicality now.

Is there a way for me to pair my speakers to S1 and S2 independently? It doesn’t appear to be working, and wants me to reset my speakers to connect to S1. Seems like I will have to just stick with a full S1 system if I want to keep using the equipment I paid for?

Very frustrated.

2 replies

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This is the new world of Sonos. S1, S1 / 2 split system or S2. To continue to use all your existing kit in one system S1 is your only option. You are not the only frustrated customer and there are plenty of threads discussing the subject.

A S1system will continue to run as purchased and be supported by Sonos for bug fixes. At some stage an individual streaming service will make a change that S1 cannot cope with and that service could be lost but that is the modern software model.



You are sure that your Connect is legacy?  You can, as @Ralpfocus says, split your system.  That is what I have done.  My older Connect drives a fairly high-end hifi system, which I never group with any of my other speakers.  So in my case the split system is barely an inconvenience.  You may use yours differently, of course.