Is it time to abandon the Sonos and go elsewhere?

  • 19 November 2017
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The reason i pose this question is for the time being the Sonos has held its price quite well and with the array of Sonos products I have acquired I am starting to doubt Sonos just a bit.

With Dolby Atmos Currently gaining a lot of ground and no announcement from Sonos I am honestly thinking of making the switch. I love the the forward thinking attitude that Sonos had when it launched, it was 'revolutionary.' However, recently I do not see it. All the new products are meh, and I need to be WOWed . I see myself going into my man cave and enjoying my old Bose Jewel speakers more these days, sure that room would sound great with the Sonos 5.1, but in such a small space the 7.2 immersion with DTS is awesome. Honestly I am thinking of taking my sonos gear and selling it all and going with a DolbyAtmos system in my living room.

Although sonos has been great to me and my family, the ease of use has really become 'old news,' my new new Denon has multiple zones and I can stream to it over WiFi, using everything, including YouTube and YouTube Music, something i wish sonos would allow but i understand why its difficult,l splitting the audio from the video is a pain and google does not want companies to do that.

So my question is do I stick with Sonos and hope all will be well or do I sell my gear recoup a large chunk of the money and go with something else?

Thanks for reading my rant.

I guess in the end my question is, " To SonoS or not to SonoS?"

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10 replies

I’m considering this as well. We have MANY play 5s and bridges in our home and 2 restaurants. Sadly sonos has been ridiculously difficult to work with on warranties items and issues. When I’m looking at $500 a pop for something to last less than 2 years- not worth the price tag IMO. Sadly! We live the WiFi connection and that we don’t have to wire receivers but I’m thinking there’s probably something more economical and better on the market. I️ wish they’d take a lesson from kitchenaid and vitamix who built their names on ensuring their warranties which is how they became top of the line household names.
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Hey Carissa,

I was actually looking on consumer reports for the best wireless speaker solution and tied for first is Edifier R2000DB wireless speaker, at half the price i am thinking about buying a pair.

These would just be used as speakers to replace my Play:5's. I might look into the Denon HEOS 5 HS2. I just feel like the price of the Sonos was justifiable and now I am not so sure. If they were making progress i would stick with the company but I don't see that happening. Although I agree their warranty should be longer and they should stand by their products I do love the fact that they are not outsourcing all of their customer service. There is a downside to that, and that is the limited hours they can be reached.

FYI the Denon and Edifier Speakers have a 2 year warranty unlike the Sonos.

I really hope Sonos starts to listen to their clientele before they lose us all. Still I do have to admit their speakers hold value quite well so I am glad i will be able to get most of my money back. I think i would even keep most of the speakers if they had traditional inputs into my receivers. The optical cable is great but it is very limiting for a larger sound system that I do not want to use Sonos speakers with. To each their own I guess. I wish them all the best and I hope they up their game just a bit. I may keep a play 1/3/5 around for now so I can do music through out my house when i have guests, but again I can do most of that with a good receiver these days and with my advanced in-wall wiring I don't think it will be a problem going a different route.
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If you are an AV enthusiast, Sonos is not the right product IMO. However, you can have an AV system with a Connect attached to give you the best of both worlds. I have my PC connected to my AV amp as well as the Connect which gives me the option to stream just about anything into my Sonos system, including YouTube. (I rarely do that, but I can!) Sonos is awesome at multi room IMO and that is what I love it for.
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Sonos is a niche product. They were the first to bring true wireless flexibility in a speaker array. That being the ability to eliminate the proliferation of wires running from an AMP or Receiver and enjoy the same or different music genre in multiple rooms. If one is a true audiophile (purist) the Sonos product is not for you. I own a Definitive Technology high-end home theater system that overshadows the Sonos; however, my use for both is different.

Sonos, IMO is the standard from which all other wireless systems take their que. Are their better sounding wireless speakers…short answer is yes…but none with the overall versatility and price point. Sonos is a high-end wireless speaker and as such one has to understand what it means to be high-end.

IMO a high-end product (all things being somewhat equal) is not one that introduces a new model every year effectively degrading the value of the previous year’s model. Instead Sonos chooses to offer subtle improvements over a span of several years via updates that preserve the value of your purchase. When a Sonos model change is introduced it’s not just cosmetic; but typically a redesign after several years of research (i.e. Play 5 - Gen 2). By contrast the Play 3 is getting pretty long in the tooth and I suspect an upgrade is not too far off.

Value over several years is another measure of a high-end product. I recently purchased two of the ONE’s to replace two Play:1’s. The Play:1’s sold on eBay for 67% of their original retail price ($267.98 vs. $399.98). I recently purchased a white Sonos Sub to replace one of my black Sonos Subs due to a remodeling project. The black Sonos Sub sold on eBay for 78.2% of its original retail value ($547.50 vs. $699.99). In both cases the speakers were over 3 years old and sold in less than 24 hours after listing on eBay. Granted I take excellent care of my products (no matter the brand) and always keep the original packaging which contributes to the fast turnover.

As far Dolby Atmos DSP and competing brands are concerned...that is a personal choice. The ear either likes what it hears or not. Pros and Cons are also a personal evaluation. However, IMO Sonos as an excellent product and one (from my experience) that holds its value over time is my choice for a whole-house wireless system.

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"FYI the Denon and Edifier Speakers have a 2 year warranty unlike the Sonos. "
NOT TRUE, every sonos product has 2 year warranty.
If you buy from richer sounds then 6yr warranty.
Keep Sonos for your music and buy a soundbar from another manufacturer.

That way you can get the best of both worlds. A superb multiroom sound system and a soundbar that will (depending on what you purchase) decode DOLBY TrueHD, DTS-HD Master, Atmos etc. Best to get one with 4k UHD passthrough.

If you already have Sonos HT set up, move it to another room and use it on a second TV. It is still a good system for use in a 5.1 environment.
My dear and esteemed sirs. I have a Sonos Play 1 and a NAIM Mu-so Qb. All run on a Zen/Macbook wifi network. Connection is a lottery, sometimes Play 1 goes missing for days, occasionally the Qb goes walkies. I am sirs triply fed up and now seeking sensible solutions to my non-connection problems. The abandonment of Sonos is an ever present feeling since a non-connected system is about as useful as not having any speakers at all. I have gone through all of the advice given and have found no lasting improvement. 'Tis a shame since the Sonos system, when it works, is good. However a system that is fraught with random connection issues does not bode well for the future.
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Have you raised a support ticket or asked for help on this forum? Most issues tend to be interference or issues with WiFi.

Try turning off all WiFi devices in your house and then re-booting your router. The when the router has fully restarted turn on your wi fi devices one by one starting with your Sonos units. This advice given by other has help issues i have had with drop outs etc.

Also check the wifi channel in your area isn't too crowded, you may need to select a different channel.

As for the OP, what exactly are you saying, other than having a rant and trying to promote a competitor?
The answer I think depends on what matters to you more and whether you are ok with some compromises. I value Sonos highly for what it offers me: Reliable and easy to use multiroom audio with good sound quality for that purpose. It is also unobtrusive and Eco friendly with great resell value. I do run other systems alongside Sonos: 2 bluesound zones + 2 Roon zones.

there are compromises but I strongly prefer sonos for multiroom audio above the other solutions.

Keep in mind though that my priorities (multiroom music) may not be the same for other people. I am not a bit surround AV fan. I do not care so much about surround sound as long as I can have some DSP that allows me to watch a movie without the dreaded 'low level speech + huge explosions' problem. Sonos offers that but so do budget receivers. You take your pick depending on personal preferences. I could happily live with a Playbase alongside my traditional hifi setup. What I actually do is to use my stereo HiFi for both TV and music with a Sonos connect for multiroom duties (direct to power stage of the amplifier to avoid sync issues).

My limited experience with Bose has not been good. I just could not like the sound but a good friend loves it. personal preference...

The ease of use, reliability and accessibility to music (e.g. via Spotify or NAS) is a very strong point for Sonos in my view. My other two systems (Roon and Bluesound) are clearly lagging behind in that respect (based on my experience). Competition is intensifying but there are still distinct superior capabilities that puts Sonos ahead in my opinion.
Competition is intensifying but there are still distinct superior capabilities that puts Sonos ahead in my opinion.
Six years on after moving to a Sonos front ended 5 zone set up, I continue to agree with the quoted. And even when the use of multi room from a single NAS has radically reduced at my home over this time, since every zone can now easily access all the music desired directly via streaming services. As a combined package of features even so, Sonos is still the best in the market, for home audio.