Is it possible to stream audio from a Mac to a stereo pair of Sonos Ones or Play 5s?

  • 11 October 2018
  • 4 replies

I recently bought two HomePods with the expectation that I'd be able to stream audio from my Mac (not only iTunes, but from other apps like Chrome while watching Netflix) to a stereo pair of HomePods. I've sinced learned that this isn't supported. If I replaced these HomePods with Play 5s or Sonos Ones, could I do this?

4 replies

Yes, provided your Mac is capable of running Airplay 2, which I think means an OS of 10.13.6 or higher.
There may be an audio lag for Netflix....
There may be an audio lag for Netflix....

I'm glad you brought that up. I noticed this while streaming Spotify to the stereo pair of HomePods. The two speakers are out of sync, and it sounds terrible. I did some research on Spotify's forum and it seems that it's a known issue.

Last night I tried using an app called AudioBridge that supposedly allows streaming to older Sonos speakers from Mac OS using AirPlay 2. It worked—kind of—but there was a terrible lag with both Netflix and YouTube. Should I expect this with Sonos?
I don't think any lag would be a Sonos issue when Airplay was being used - it would be an Airplay issue. There definitely won't be any sync issues within the stereo pair (I wasn't sure if you were implying that for the HomePods).


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