Interference with Rocketfish wireless kit

  • 26 July 2010
  • 2 replies

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I just purchased my Sonos system and immediately began experencing dropouts with the playback. I unplugged my rocketfish wireless rear speaker kit and the dropouts stopped. This kit operates on a 2.4 MHz frequency. Has anyone else had this problem and is there a resolution? Are there wireless kits such as these that operate on a different frequency, as I am not able to run wires from front to back with my stereo system.

2 replies

Hi, and welcome.

Presumably you mean 2.4GHz, not 2.4MHz. Unless you can manually select a fixed radio channel for the Rocketfish speakers, it's likely that they are using a channel-hopping scheme to try and locate what they believe to be free spectrum.

If they are anything like the Sennheiser 2.4GHz wireless headphones I tried - and similar wireless speaker/subwoofer systems reported by a few other members - this bumbling frequency dance injects sufficient errors into Sonos wireless transmissions to cause music streams to drop out. :(

I'm not aware of a solution other than disposing of the other badly behaved 2.4GHz kit. In the end I went back to using 900MHz FM wireless headphones.
Just in case, it couldn't hurt to try the Sonos system on each of the three available channels (1, 6, 11 -- obviously one of those is already known to not work) and see if you get lucky with the Rocketfish.

Don't get your hopes up too far though.


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