Integrate wireless speakers with Sonos Connect Amp

  • 8 June 2017
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Hello all,
I am currently using 4 ZP120 connect amps in various wired speaker zones at my home. I now would like to add 2 wireless speakers in my garage because its way too far away from everything else. Is there a way to do this using my ConnectAmp system?

Best answer by Kumar 8 June 2017, 13:05

Two play 1s seems to be the obvious solution.
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4 replies

It depends on what is " too far away". Too far for WiFi to reach? Too far to run speaker cable? If there is no WiFi signal there, the phone hosted controller app also won't work.

One way to do this is using bluetooth speakers that are mains powered and run these from something like a used and old iPod touch that contains music. Leave it connected in the garage to the mains for power and use it to play the speakers via bluetooth.
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It's difficult to understand what you want to do. Potentially a connect amp can run more than one pair of speakers, so as Kumar says speaker cable could be an option. Assuming you have network access in the garage, or the physical distance is not too far from the closest connect amp, then why not just buy a play 1, 3 or 5? Or multiples of. I don't need Sonos in my garage, so I have one of my downgraded hifi setups out there.
I meant it seems " too far" to run wires from a connect amp to the garage. I do have good wifi coverage in the garage though.
Two play 1s seems to be the obvious solution.