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Play 5

I bought the Play 5 a month ago to replace a Play 1 stereo pair. The initial impact of the 5 on its own was slightly underwhelming, especially given the spec and extra cost. I’ve adjusted a few settin...

Anyone having trouble getting a refund from Sonos?

Hi, I live in the UK, I bought 2 x Sonos One's in March, didn't like them so returned them. As of today, it's been over a month since Sonos received the speakers I returned, and I'm still waiting to...

Surround Sound

Is it possible to use a play 3 as 2 channels R/L, or must you use 2 speakers?

ZP80, ZP90 connected directly to Power Amplifier

I am thinking of connecting my ZP80 directly to a Power Amplifier (using RCA cables from the analogue out). Does anyone have any experience of doing this? I am not an expert in music engineering, so...

Starting to get sick of Sonos.

Will start on a positive for Sonos.....When it works I love it!! Sadly, I keep having problems and I'm getting bored with it! There are people on this Forum that love the issues and how they got round...

Sonos not connecting

I have 2 Sonos One's and a Sonos Beam. One of the Sonos One's suddenly stopped being connected. I couldn't re-connect, and then my Beam also disconnected. In the Sonos App, they are no longer present...

Sonos skips songs from my Deezer

I'm using Deezer on Sonos app, and while playing always skips the songs and shows a messages that is connection lost. How can I fix this?

Sonos One - Rubbish product

Airplay 2 disappears frequently and have to reboot to get it back. Can't connect to new wifi. So I did a factory reset according to the forum. Ask Alexa to play spotify. She said "the device is of...

My speakers drop out when playing through my connect

Hello, I have a record player hardwired to my Sonos connect, when playing records individual speakers drop out at intermittent times. My connect is wireless and I have a +100 megabytes connection. M...

Floor stand for sonos one:secure?

Hi Finally decided to order a sonos one but want to get a stand at the same time so its not likely to get damaged Does anyone have any opinions on the flexson vs the sanus stand for the sonus one? Wha...

Rubber bumpers Play3

Dear, Because my kids found other use for the rubber bumpers on my play3 set in need of new ones. Where or how can I order them. Many thanks in advance.

Unable to play from spotify or any services and add songs to queue from imported playlists or songs in NAS

Hi, I have a sonos bridge connected to my router and a play:1 speaker, wifi is in channel 11 and sonos bridge on channel 1. I can't play music from any services: spotify or amazon and add songs to que...

Gave up on Sonos - Play 5 network card failure out of warranty

I made the mistake and invested in multi room Sonos system comprises of play 5s and 1s. The two Play 5 speakers are configured in stereo mode in the living room installed over dedicated stands. One o...

Chromecast built-in

Sonos now finally support Apple's multiroom technology, AirPlay 2, so Apple users can send any audio from their devices to Sonos speakers. Make symmetric step towards Android users and make Sonos spea...

"Permanently" Grouping Speakers that are Always Used Together (Beyond LR Pairs...)

I'm new to the Sonos world - having waited for Google Play integration (thanks!) - and am generally very impressed, as it's a joy to use such well designed products. However, I've been surprised that...

Press play on one speaker - without playing music on all speakers.

I have 4 Sonos speakers: bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room. When entering the bathroom in the morning I would like to physically tap the play button on my Sonos speaker (quicker than picking...

Sonos play1 sound distortion

When playing my sonos play 1( I have to them together) using true play at low volumes on certain songs it sounds distorted and occasionally you get a pop which I think is a safety cut out. If you tur...

Play / Pause button function

Hey, I’ll get straight to it - Sonos is not playing (ie in sleep mode) Play / Pause button is pressed Q: what will it start to play? (I remember reading somewhere it will start playing the last p...

speaker volume problem

hello all, setting up my Sonos speaker I felt as if it wasn't working but I realized that the speaker is working but you just wouldn't know. if you put your ear up to the speaker you can clearly hear...

Sonos One Stereo Pair Bass

Hi everyone, recently purchased a couple of Sonos One's which I have as a stereo pair in my living room. The last few nights I have noticed something a little odd. When listening to Google Play Musi...

SonosOne Netflix on AppleTV

Every time I watch Netflix from my AppleTV, the SonosOne speaker disconnects during the show intro - when the ’skip into’ box appears in the bottom right corner, and connect back when the intro ends....

Blown Bass on Play 5?

I have a Play 5 that, I think, has blown the bass. In the low range of songs played loudly (not full volume), I get bad vibrations. Is there troubleshooting I can do? Anyone else experience?

Apple TV audio gets cut off constantly

Every time I use SonosOne to ’play’ the audio from my Apple TV it gets cut off constantly. This happens with different apps (Netflix, Dazn, Crave Tv, Prime video, etc). Considering that could be an in...

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Airplay 2 on Older Devices - Not sure who to be annoyed with

Is this a new era of Sonos post IPO where we are going to be faced with planned obsolescence to try and make share holders happy? This 10+ year customer and shareholder (who used to have more $$ in h...


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