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Play 1 existant - compatible avec Play 1 actuel ?

Bonjour, j'ai acheté mon Play 1 en 2015 (top !) et je souhaite en acquérir un deuxième pour faire une paire stéréo. Pas de pb de version ? Sachant que les mises à jour ont été réalisées au fur et à me...

Drop out issues

Hi, I recently setup a system in my condo of five Sonos Play-Ones and two Sonos Ones. My condo is 940 square feet and I was having some drop outs with the modem/router that my service provider supplie...

Waterproof speakers

Is Sonos developing waterproof speakers?


can i link a play 1 and a one together to get stereo sound

Planned Obsolescence

Should we be concerned? I think we should be. Yesterday owners of the Sonos Dock were emailed telling them that from October onwards, with their next software update, that the Dock will no longer be...

Thanks for screwing up my Christmas

I can't get into my system because Sonos insist on downloading a download that won't download. We now have a music-free Christmas. I'm buying Bose and writing multiple newspaper articles about your s...

Sonos One Microphone Light

Hi, Does anyone know if you can turn the Sonos One microphone light off? I'd like to do this without disabling the microphone. I have this in the bedroom and would rather there wasn't a light showing...

Sonos Sub practically caught fire - Anyone else?

On black Friday after only owning the sub for < 8 hours - while watching TV it made a loud pop, started to buzz which was immediately followed by the "hot electrical smell" - then began to smoke. I u...

Sonos players keep stopping during songs

Can anyone help, my Sonos 1 and 5 keep cutting out during a song or randomly at some point during an album (normally second song) I have contacted sky and had my WiFi bandwith changed to a different f...

Music keeps pausing or skipping

Every time we play music from our phones it either pauses half way through or it will skip tracks. Apparently this Hs been going on for a while according to other comments I’ve read. Seriously, ther...

Sonos One Protective Cover Replacement

Is there any place where I can find the Protective Cover Replacement for Sonos One?

When will 5G work?

Hi, anyone know if 5G will work on Sonos? Thanks


Static coming from my Sonos Ones when TV playing. Diagnostic number is 1939652128

Turntable - Connect - Cutting out

I have plugged my Essential phono turntable to my Sonos Connect which is broadcasting to my Playbar and two Play 3. Unfortunately I am experiencing serious cut out which render the experience quite ir...

My speakers drop out when playing through my connect

Hello, I have a record player hardwired to my Sonos connect, when playing records individual speakers drop out at intermittent times. My connect is wireless and I have a +100 megabytes connection. M...

Sonos speaker has stopped playing in one room

Was working fine but now won’t play in one room. Will do so if grouped but not on its own. How can I fix this?

Beam issues

Hello. I have just bought a Sonos beam. I also have a play 5, play 3 and a play 1. When watching tv the beam works fine on its own. But when I group the other speakers to beam while watching tv the ot...

Transferring Sonos to new owner

I've sold our Boost and Sonos speakers but they are associated with my email address. How can I delete my account so the new owners can create their own account? I don't want to just change the email...

Crossover of sub out on Connect Amp?

I noticed that when I connect a sub to the Connect amp sub output it automatically goes into LFE on the left and right speakers (unless I'm crazy and hearing things...). What is the crossover frequenc...

"Critical" Music Listening and Surround

Hi all, I'm currently moving from high rise condo to a house. Currently, my (small) living room set up is 2 play 1s, sub, and a turntable, which has been great for when I just want to have a drink an...

Full stereo option when watching TV audio ... please?

Ya know&nbsp;how we have the option for full stereo or ambient when listening to music in a full 5.1 sonos stet-up? &nbsp;Can we get that with TV output as well, please? &nbsp;There is still plenty of...

ANT Colony is my Sonos One

Hundreds. Maybe thousands of ants in my Sonos One!! I don't (didn't) have an ant problem, saw a few and freaked out to clean it then the worst thing I could have imagined came out. What do I do other...

Error Code 4

I keep getting error code 4 on one of my Play Ones. I have tried plugging it straight into the Ethernet but it won’t update. 385674533 What next please?

Sonos Failure

Sonos keeps turning off (especially when listening to radio) and Alexa says I an having trouble understanding right now. This is really annoying from an otherwise quality peice of kit. Anyone know ho...

Totally confused..Help

I purchased my play base and play 1 speakers (2) and also a sonos one w Alexa. Description said wireless but they all have to be plugged in for them to work, what's this?


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