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Can I use these speakers?

I have some speakers that are 20Watts (30Watts maximum) and rated at 6ohms. Can I use them with a ZP - and if so what's the worse damage that could be done? i.e. could I damage the ZP amplifier or blo...

Remote control advice?

I have a receiver indoors and four speakers outdoors. I want to control the receiver outside - what can I do to extend the range of the stock remote or, which universal remote do I buy that will get...

Apple Hi-Fi

Has anyone attempted to connect an Apple Hi-Fi speaker to a Sonos Zone Controller? Thanks. - Pat Brannigan

Sonos in a big room

Hi all, I have a ZP100 hooked up to 2 Klipsch RB-25 in my living room. The room is quite large and I am now thinking of adding two speakers and possibly a sub to get better sound throughout the room f...

Klipsch KHC-6 Ceiling speakers

This speaker has a power rating of 50 watts maximum continuous power (120 watts peak), will this be OK with the ZP100? Thanks.

Auto Select Switch

Hey Guys, I'm looking to setup the rears of my 5.1 system as the sonos speakers too. I was wondering if anyone knew of an auto sensing A-B switch that would run the 5.1 system until voltage came from...

ceiling speakers in bathroom ? recommendations ?

I amlooking at adding a ZP100 to the bathroom, and i am looking for recommendations for speakers to putn in the ceiling cavities ? The speakers really will need to be resistant to moisture /steam. Ch...

2 zones on a ZP100

Hello Is it possible to have 2 zones on one ZP100.? I haven't recieved my audio system yet. That is why i dont know!.

Adding a subwoofer... easy?

Hey there, I have a pair of Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting stereo speakers connected to the spring binding posts of a ZP100. My question is simple: - If I want to add more bass, can I buy a subwoofer and...

ZP80 w/powered amplified speakers, recommendations?

I'll be getting a ZP80 to hook up to my audio/video receiver in the living room, and with the bundles being what they are, I'm trying to figure out where I could use another ZP80. I'm thinking about...

Outdoor speakers & CATV music

Hello all...I'm dumb as a stump when it comes to this stuff so I really need some advice. I'm in Atlantic Canada and what I want to do is to connect some outdoor speakers to my cable TV system which...

Anyone using NXT speakers?

I'm considering buying some NXT speakers, such as the Wharfedale PPS-1 Active LoudPanel Picture Panel Speaker System. Anyone have experience with these? I'm not a serious audiophile, and my main reas...

Matching CD Player for Sonos

Is anyone aware of a CD player that would fit nicely under a Zoneplayer and that roughly matches? I would like to have a CD player plugged into the ZP so I don't have to rip disks right away after I...

Any experience with Yamaha YSP-1 or 1000?

Hi all, Have had the Sonos for about a month, quite pleased. I'm finally getting around to installing some more advanced speakers. Has anyone used the Yamaha YSP-1 or YSP-1000 with the Sonos? It l...

How Many Speakers Can I Run?

Hi There, I have a conservatory with 4 8ohm speakers in and a woofer. I would like to also run 4 external speakers on this zone via a volume control to enable me to "turn on/off" the outside speakers...

Extra Sonos Loudspeakers Available

Hey folks I just installed in-ceiling speakers from HTD throughout my house and I now have two sets of Sonos Loudspeakers that I won't be using. Is there a forum where I could offer these for sale?...

anthony gallo VS mission cubes

Hi all, i'm new here and would like to ask for your esteemed opinion regarding the above. That's the A Gallo nucleus micro vs mission cubes for home cinema/ rock stereo usage. Aesthetically The A Ga...

4 way speaker selector

Hi Until i can afford another two sonos units i'm looking to get a speaker switch so that i can run multiple pairs of speakers (rooms) off one of my existing sonos zp100s. I have 8 ohm in ceiling sp...

am radio

can anyone recomend a decent am radio to connect to my sonos? My local news am station is kyw 1060 and their webstream won't work with the sonos.

Can the ZP100 drive 6 speakers?

I intend to put 6 speakers outside the house. The outside isn't particularly large, but I'll need speakers around the back and sides. Does the ZP100 have the amp power to do this? Otherwise I guess...

Just installed Gallo speakers - great!

For those of you who are wondering what speakers to hook up, try the Anthony Gallo Acoustics (http://www.roundsound.com/) micros. It is a (non-powered) satellite and powered sub with a clean, accurat...

Pioneer AV Receiver (VSX-54TX)

Hi all, I have a question that is less Sonos-specific and more Pioneer-specific, but I am hoping that one of the more knowledgable people here can provide an answer! I have a Pioneer AV Receiver (VS...

ZP80 With Mission M-Cube Speakers

With new products come new problems I'm looking to install the ZP80 in my living room but hooked up to a home cinema amp and mission speakers. The Home cinema receiver is a JVC RX-D701 http://www...

Outdoor: Klipsch HS-2 or Sonance Mariner 300

Klipsch HS-2 ($249 vs MSRP$299) or the Mariner 300 ($249 vs MSRP$499)? Based on the higher MSRP the Mariners seem the better choice, but I've read very good reviews on the Klipsch. I need a pair for m...

JBL Ceiling speaker choice

Hi I'm thinking of getting 5 pairs of JBL SP8C 2-Way 8" In-Ceiling Loudspeakers to connect to my sonos systems (currently 2 sonos zp100's so i'll need something to match the impedence - longer term 4...


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