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Bookshelf Speakers for Sonos

Having got my 2 Zone system up-and-running, I am looking for a reasonable pair of bookshelf speakers to go on top of some cabinets in a relatively small room. Looking at the reviews and from a size v...

Sonos SP100 Speakers

Does anyone have a pair of Sonos SP100 speakers attached to a ZP, and would they like to comment on them please? I found that a lot of UK Hi-Fi dealers rubbish them, however after hearing a pair they...

Need advice for decent inwall speakers

Hello, i'm willing to install inwall speakers in the ceiling above my bed. Any recommandation for speaker in the range of price and quality of the speakers provided by Sonos in hteir bundle ? By the...

do bose speakers work as well?

hi there! i'm thinking of purchasing the sonos system for my house as well. what i would like to know beforehand is if my bose speakers can be hooked up to a zone player as well. i have got a rather...

Wireless Speakers

Hi can anyone advise on using wireless speakers with the sonos system. Living in an appartment I sometimes want to listen to music on my balcony. I cannot add another zone as i have no power outs...

Buffalo NAS on Sale

I hope this post is not considered inappropriate... I'm not linked to the company... I just found it and it looks like a good deal... Buy.com has the buffalo Link Station NAS on sale for $189.95. Th...

Outdoor speaker solution?

Just wondering if anyone here has implemented an outdoor speaker solution with your Sonos system.. Any recommendations?

Good three-speaker system

We're not audiophiles so we don't really need super expensive speakers but we do like good, full sound. Are there some good, smallish three speaker systems (sats & sub) that anyone would recommend....

Looking for decenet sub-woofer

Great idea for a forum and just in the nick of time. I recently purchased a townhouse and got to spec everything, which included the in-ceiling speakers in the living room. Now that those are out of...

local CD (line in) form factor, suggestions?

Any suggestions for a local (line in) CD player, specifically something that would sit on top or underneath neatly? I.e. a CD player that fits in the 10 3/16 x 8 1/4" shape of the Sonos player? Plea...

Wharfedale 9.0 speakers

Hi, Has anyone any experience or opinion on the combination of Sonos Zoneplayer and Wharfedale 9.0 bookshelf speakers as they are on offer in a package deal in the UK. If it helps formulate a view t...

Question about the built-in amp

First, this system looks awesome and I will be looking to put this in my new house next year. Most of my questions have been answered in the forum, but I have a question that proves what a newbie I r...

Mute speakers but not line outputs?

I'd like to leave a Stax headphone amplifier connected to its ZP line outputs... and then mute the ZP speakers (but not the line-outs) for late-night can listening. The Sonos "mute" function appears...

B&W, Wharfdale Diamonds, Wharfdale pacific

Hi Forum , Has anyone had any experience of using B&W DM602 S3, Wharfdale Diamond9.1, Wharfdale Pacific 30 connected directly to Sonos. I have heard 3 B&W speakers (DM602 S3, DM603 S3, subwoofer an...

Multiple speaker pairs outside

I have a set of wires out to my patio that are hooked to outside speakers. Inside They are hooked to the Sonos ZP. Can I hook up another pair outside using the same wires? Can the sonos handle this?

Speakers (Artcoustic)

I posted this in the general discussion but since this forum has just started... I am looking at installing Sonos at home and I want design, discreet, high quality and not too pricey speakers. After...

wiring from the single RCA subwoofer output

is there an acceptable way to connect a subwoofer with L and R inputs to the ZP RCA subwoofer out? i've got a nice Bose sub.

Tannoy Speakers and Sonos

Well today I purchased a pair of Tannoy Arena speakers and the sub.They sound amazing but my only complaint is they sound a little under powered at full volume I feel if the Sonos control/Zone play...

New Forum

... a new forum for the discussion of speakers/cables/etc that you use to get the most from your Sonos system. have fun, -graham

Wireless Outdoor Speaker

I love my Sonos indoors, but there are times when I want to take my music outside into the yard. I'm thinking of connecting a wireless outdoor speaker to the line out on my ZP. I'm looking at someth...

Do I smell Crestron?

I've heard "out there in the ether" that Sonos is a bunch of ex-Crestron guys. Is this true? My initial comments on your product are: You seem to have gotten it right. The human engineering is v...

How "splashproof" is the controller

Another general question - Is the unit useable with somewhat wet hands, say, if you are in a spa ? Obviously the thing is not submergeable, but just wondering if it is really ruggedized to some degre...

Grammar question

Not sure if the tech department has a grammar department, but here goes: More than a single goose and you have geese. More than one Sonos and you have .... ?


Anyone used the speakers that have just been announced. I ordered some just on the basis of the high quality experience I've had with my promo bundle. Aside from the controller battery life I thin...

Sound & Vision Magazine review

Just picked up the Feb/Mar 05 issue of Sound & Vision magazine, there is a long (and glowing) review of the Sonos music system. "It's a serious music system that supports high-fidelity sound when use...


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