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Play:5 Gen 1 vs Gen 2

I'm looking for a description of all the differences between the two generations. Thanks!

Play:1 not quiet enough on lowest volume

This may sound like a bizarre requirement but I like to drift off to sleep at night with the music on very low. I find the Play:1 just a bit too loud on its lowest setting, even with the bass & treble...

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I could...

Refund problem

I returned a Sonos One on January 28 2019. February 21 and no refund and no answer to any of my emails. Why this is happening? What can i do? Can anybody help me with this?

Sonos are messing me around with a refund for an item sent back under the 100-day guarantee. Advice needed.

Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? I sent a Playbar (£699) back for a refund over 3 weeks ago, this was part of the 100 day money back guarantee as it had been purchased 2 mo...

SonosNet Mesh Network

I have a PLAY:5 v2 speaker which I use in standard setup (ie using the home WiFI network) and I understand that if I connect it directly to the router a seperate mesh network will be created. My ques...

Frequent Wifi Drops - Reboot Wifi to fix

I have two Sonos Play:1 speakers set up as a stereo pair. Frequently (several times a week) they fall off my network and are inaccessible by the desktop or mobile client. When this happens generally...

Play 5 clicks at consistent intervals

Sitting next to my play 5 and it is clicking at some strange intervals. Very low level sound but is repeating in the following pattern (in seconds) 52 12 21 39 52 12 15 44 52 Variance is odd but the...

Sonos play:1 low bass popping

Hi- I've been using my sonos play:1 for a month. I've noticed a low bass popping sound intermittently. I've used the trueplay calibration twice to no avail. I've also sent off a diagnostic. Is anyone...

play 5 returned and replacement still not connecting even when plugged into router

My first couple of months using sonos speakers has been incredibly frustrating. I own two play 5 speakers and a sub. One play 5 failed to connect even when plugged into the router. I replaced the rout...

Vibration from inside the beam

On certain movie scenes and songs, there is a loud vibration sound from inside the beam. As you look at it, it’s just to the right of the middle. Is this a broken part to the speaker? It has never bee...

Make Sonos One portable with portable battery with AC outlet?

I've been thinking how I would make my Sonos One temporarily portable for use on patio for an hour or two. Has anyone tried a portable battery with an AC outlet like this http://a.co/fVsXngp ? Not s...

Soundbar sucks

Bought the soundbar even though I thought it would not likely work well - have bought Sonos before and returned products. The sound from the other speakers (Sonos 1’s and a Sonos 3) CONSTANTLY drops o...

My Play 3 has stopped working (no power) it is out of Warranty how can I get it repaired?

Power at all. Have changed fuse in plug.

Playbase + 2 x Play 1's great when streaming but lose Play 1's when on TV sound

Hi all, I have a Playbase connected to TV (Sony KD55XE9005BU) via optic cable. The Playbase is hard wired to my LAN via ethernet RJ11 connector. I have recently added 2 x Play 1 speakers which are con...

Casting from Google Play

Casting from Google Play Music (Samsung S4) has recently starting skipping songs at midtrack and anvancing to the next track. It always skips a track from the same point. Any ideas?

Sonos Beam--First Sonos Product and Also will be the last

I purchased the Sonos Beam launch week. It was my first Sonos product ever. I have always been a Bose/Polk/BW fan. I have enjoyed the Sonos Beam UNTIL TODAY. I purchased a new Wifi Router and lear...

Bundle with Playbase and two Play1's - Play1's streaming a VERY low volume

I have set a Family room (+LS+LR) with all three speakers (Playbase and two Play1's) They are all standing under my TV. The Playbase is just under it and the two Play1 are from both sides of it. I h...

What's Unique About the New Sonos/Sonance Outdoor Speaker?

First, let me preface by saying, I'm a huge fan of Sonos and Sonance products and have accumulated more of these speakers than I'm willing to admit. I was really excited to hear that Sonos partnered w...

Making iPad controller "exclusive"

I have Sonos on a mini iPad and want to make it exclusive for the two Ones for the condo where I leave them. But if I open up another Pad, or a friend does, anyone can control the Sonos app for those...

Sonos one volume fluctuations

During playback of music on my Sonos ONE the volume fluctuates up and down during the song.

Is it possible to hook up a Lucky Voice karaoke system to a Sonos 3 or 5? Has anyone tried this?

I have purchased this Lucky Voice set of mics http://shop.luckyvoice.com/products/lucky-voice-party-box-karaoke-machine-white-mic But am trying to see if I can connect this to a Sonos 3 (or 5) as I...

Can I send in my Play 5 gen 1s for refurbishment/upgrade

I am wondering if I can send in my old play 5 gen1s to Sonos or an outside vendor center where they can upgrade the 2.4ghz WiFi to 5ghz WiFi for surround sound enablement or just rebuild/refoam the sp...

Sonos stopped working since latest update.

Sonos has stopped working since the last update. I tried to reinstall the desktop controller but am told that my OS is too old - I am using Yosemite 10.10.5. I don't want to change my entire OS just...

Feature Request: Group rooms with alarm

It would be great to see alarms play on pre-grouped rooms, but not using the "Include in grouped rooms" setting as I am likely to change grouping throughout the day, and so when the alarm goes off it...


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