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Dining room set up

I currently have two play ones connected as a stereo pair and i would say the sound is not filling my dining room, i have a spair play3 and was wondering if i should add the play 3 to the set up. Do u...

What is the difference Sonos One series A100 andA200

I noticed two different series A100 and A200 ( I saw this on the package) for Sonos one. What is the difference? Thanks!

Existing bluetooth / cabled speakers

I have a facility that already has ceiling speakers that can be connected over bluetooth or by a 3.5mm input. At present I use the headphone output from a Play:5 (Gen1) to drive them and it works well...

Play 3 Dented

I have an out of warranty Play 3 which has a dented grill with a dink in it. Will this affect the sound? Is there anywhere I can replace the grill or do I need to prize it off and beat the dent out....

Sonos Controller in the Windows Store?

Now that major companies have their software available as universal app in the Windows Store of Windows 10, I was actually surprised that I didn’t found anything from Sonos there and that I had to ins...


My play1 speaker has dropped off my system and when I press the mute/play button on the speaker it does not flash amber or white. What can I do to correct this issue?

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a satellite

New Sonos device spotted in FCC filing... https://gizmodo.com/looks-like-sonos-is-making-some-new-smart-speakers-1831430196 Guess what it is?

Cannot connect Play 5 wirelessly

This speaker has worked in the past. We have one other Play:5 and on Amp working wirelessly. This one, though, now only works when hard wired. I have a solid white light on the speaker. Try to add...

best way to connect Play 5 to TV

Currently connecting my play 5 to my TV via Line-in cable to audio out. The sound is good, but feels a little flat (less bass, lower volume) than when I play through spotify with WiFi. Is there...

Microphone will not stay on

My microphone appears to be permanently disabled. If I press the button it does not stay on. Please help

Play 5

Just to confirm before i purchase. If i hook my turntable up to the play 5, i will be able to play the music through that and also my play 1's? Does the play 5 send the stream to any additional speake...

Beam - Alexa not working

Hi When i installed my beam yesterday Alexa worked fine. Today I got round to connecting the Beam to my TV - a LG UK6950PLB and the Alexa capabilities have stopped completely. I can both play music v...

Sonos new FCC filing

Anybody wanna guess what the new product just filed with the FCC might be? I’m gonna say an updated Play: 3

Sonos Play ONE Stereo pair on my Bedroom

Hi Sonos users! Here a very happy Sonos user (customer). I've been using it for a couple of months. At first I had only one speaker. Because it's expansive enough, I bought at first only one. I listen...

Reason: The computer "XXXX" cannot be found

Still can't access my computer library. I can through Ethernet cable but when it's just wifi the above message comes up. Does anyone know how to help? The Sonos guy who took hold of my computer said i...

Beam not connecting to Tv

Hi all, Yesterday i noticed that the beam had disconnected from my Samsung TV. Its been connected via Arc for 3 months with no issues. Now, when using the remote to adjust volume, its displaying the...

Sonos Connect + Sony STR-DH790 AVR?

Hello Sonos Community! I have a Sony STR-DH790 multi channel AVR powering 7 built in wired speakers in my family room. I want to extend the same music/sound outdoors to play simultaneously, but do...

My Play 3 has stopped working (no power) it is out of Warranty how can I get it repaired?

Power at all. Have changed fuse in plug.

Installing Playbar upside down

I heard that you can install a Playbar ABOVE a TV, but that the Playbar unit should be installed UPSIDE DOWN. That can't be true, right?

SonoS Play:1 Pair not playing syncronous rather drifts into more and more echoing (Paired as stereo pair)

My new set of Play:1's cannot stay syncronized .... (Paired as stereo pair) First of all I posted a comment here at this thread yesterday: https://ask.sonos.com/sonos/topics/speakers-not-synced-in-st...

Sonos Airplay via Mac - poor sound quality

I recently bought a pair of Sonos Ones I have them set up as a stereo pair and if I play music through them using the Sonos Controller everything works beautifully. However, with the new AirPlay funct...

New play 1 won't connect to existing system

Hi there, I've just bought a third play 1 to add to the two I currently have connected to my Bridge.  For some reason the new component is not connecting to the system when I press the play and vol up...

Speakers randomly dropping using most services? I have a solution!

I spent three to four hours on the phone with SONOS trying to solve this to no avail, but managed to finally solve it myself. The symptom: All speakers play SiriusXM simultaneously just fine (I have...


i don t recommand sonos....they said you can use it with spotify. It is false if you don t pay 15 euros by month. I am a student and so( hopefully) i pay spotify only 5 euros by month.... it is a pi...

Beam Sound Quality

Am I the only one completely underwhelmed by the Beam's sound quality when playing music. TV speech quality good, but for music I don't think it even matches a Play 1.


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