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Sonos promises to release products faster

Coming out of its IPO last week there was the strong hint that the company will be releasing products at a high velocity. In the last year they seem to have started along this trend with 3 major relea...

Sonos Sub Pricing

I have a couple of Sonos One speakers and find them to be a remarkable audio value. I have been wanting to supplement them with a subwoofer, but Sonos' price for the sub is outrageous. Why can't Sonos...

Sonos Connect dropouts line-in signal every 15 minutes

I've set up my Sonos Connect to autoplay line-in signal. I've notived that every 15 minutes audio dropouts for several seconds. Sometimes interval between dropouts is smaller than 15 minutes. My diag...

Youtube Premium background play does not work while airplaying to the Sonos one

The title says it all. The music stops as soon as I close the Youtube app. This only happens while airplaying to the Sonos one. If I play the music trough the iPhone speakers, the music continues when...


Exist some list with of Generation of each Sonos 1, 3, 5 ???

Checking second hand sonos products before buying

Hi all, Is there a way of checking if a sonos product is stolen before purchasing? Buying a beam second hand(boxed never used) but would like to make sure it’s not stolen stock first. Cheers

Sonos One - not playing Soundcloud/Mixcloud

Sonos One has been working fine, it's wired to my router. Since yesterday however, the only music it plays is from the "My Music" part of the Sonos app. I usually play my music through Sound/Mixcloud...

New Sonos One Generation 2 just purchased at Best Buy but they are still on preorder?

So I just purchased two One's at best buy (White and Black). The black one said gen 2 which led to some confusion when I asked if I could also get a gen 2 for the white. I can't find any information...

Play 3 Powersupply fault.

Hi, My Play 3 died the other day and I am just outside my warrenty period :-( I contacted sonos customer services who did not help me in the slightest. I have now looked at the power supply board and...

New Sonos device "S18" on FCC web site, with Bluetooth support

Hard to say what exactly this is from the limited documents posted, but it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios, and BLE (bluetooth low energy). The controls look like those on the One, but that's all I can rea...

Songs with Powerline

Hi All, first post on here. I have a Sonos system in several rooms within the house using a combination of Sonos 1,5 and Connect amp and all work fine and dandy. I have recently built an out building,...

Replacement for the play 3

Hi there i have a sub and 2 x play 5s and wanted play 3s but found out they had been discontinued but im looking for a couple of decent sounding speakers for the kitchen and the bedroom as i like my...

Play 5 - Line-in question

Hi, I have a Play5 stereo set-up with sub (plus a Connect). I want to be able to use all my sources through this system. Spotify TV LP-Player Can I use the following: Loewe TV coaxial output to DA...

Enhancement suggestion - link hardware volume control to a group

I'd like to see an option added to link the volume control on a single speaker to the entire group. Presently if I change the volume of an individual speaker, it only changed that single speaker. Th...

I've added soundcloud but it says unable to browse music on both my iphone and desktop controllers??

I've added soundcloud to both my desktop and iphone app controller but it says unable to browse music when selected? My Diagnostic number is 3985865

Portable Sonos 1

Our family likes to listen to SONOS in our home, but unfortunately if we sit outside in our gardens we have no way to listen to the beautiful music. I believe there would be a great market for a port...

Individual speaker volume adjust

I just bought a Beam and 2 Play 1 speakers. I have tinnitus and hearing loss. I bought the system so I could put speakers closer to where is it but I can't hear them over the Beam bar. Is there a way...

Beam Autoplay Issues

I have a Beam connected to my Sony Bravissimo TV. The Autoplay is enabled but sporadically disconnects from the TV. I can't tie down why and when it does it but at times it happens when I stream Spoti...

Sonos Playbase not connecting to WIFI

Hi there, I have a TV surround setup, with a Playbase, 2 x Play:3, and a Sub, purchased last year and all of which initially (first few weeks) worked perfectly. There now seems to be something wron...

Trouble with sound from TV / Soundbar only

When I play music from the Sonos app I have no problems, everything is seamless all throughout the house. When I play from the Television and soundbar, if I want that sound to play on all the other sp...

Play 1, 3, 5 Need a "Talk Radio" or "Spoken Word" Audio Quality Setting

Can we have a way to set-up Play1 for "small rooms" so that "spoken word" or "talk radio" can be heard over the shower water without having to crank the volume? I think it has something to do with sp...

No Bluetooth workaround for Sonos One?

So yes, the lack of Bluetooth is a glaring issue that I think we all would like to see resolved at some point. Really limits things in a big way, but I kind of wonder if it's possible to do a work ar...

Sonos ONE bass popping experiences

I can see people on the forum are writing about bass popping from Sonos ONE and I want to share my experience with this problem and want to hear what experiences other have with this issue. My story...

what is the power use of Sonos 1 when in use and when idle

Straight answer needed - no opinions

SONOS Beam HDMI ARC and Apple Airplay2 /Google Cast Capability

TV HDMI port is HDMI IN including HDMI ARC.Sonos Beam is connected to TV via HDMI ARC. Does Sonos Beam capable to send video signal to TV via Airplay2 or Google Cast (in future maybe?)? Look at othe...


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