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Unable to play spotify music on my sonos speaker

I bought this sonos speaker but unable to connect it to my spotify account and its very trouble some to connect it to my phone. What is this?!,!

Sonos keeps stopping and skipping songs

New sonos play:1 user. had the speaker since december with no issues, playing songs from my spotify app to sonos wirelessly with no skips and stopping of songs. in the past week every song i play this...

How to set up preset Groups?

I know I must be missing something really obvious, but how in the heck do you set up preset Groups? We can add and remove speakers on the fly from Groups, but having to do that each and every time is...

intermittent thump or pop from Connect


Stereo Pair

Today I composed my first stereo pair with two play:3. Guys is fantastic. I can only imagine how it could be a pair of play5. it's really true .... two is better than one. Thanks to UkMedia for sugges...

New Sonos device "S18" on FCC web site, with Bluetooth support

Hard to say what exactly this is from the limited documents posted, but it has 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios, and BLE (bluetooth low energy). The controls look like those on the One, but that's all I can rea...

White Sonos Beam - Black rubber bottom

Why is the bottom black instead of white?

Android Trueplay Redux

Well, Audible is working great. The Alexa skill is working great. I would love to see Trueplay added to Android. I know there must me a solution (e.g. add-on microphone).

How many Sonos devices do you own?

Sort-of just for fun, but I am curious how many Sonos devices do you own, and what does your setup look like? I feel I have developed a bit of an addiction with more than 14 in my 4-bedroom home, ha!...

Over 1300 posts asking for 5GHz native support!

I own 4 SONOS ONE speakers (okay, and one HomePod), and have a "commercial" grade WiFi network with 4 dual-band AP's. I have about 70 (seventy!) 2.4GHz devices connected to the network (about 18 per A...

Control all grouped sonos using TV remote control (via Playbar)

I already own a Playbar and recently purchased a Play 1. One thing I find invaluable is being able to control the Playbar using the TV remote, even if playing music. It is very intuitive and easy to u...

sonos one w/ itunes (windows laptop)

hi guys can i stream from itunes (on windows laptop) using airplay to a sonos one?

Feature Request: Group rooms with alarm

It would be great to see alarms play on pre-grouped rooms, but not using the "Include in grouped rooms" setting as I am likely to change grouping throughout the day, and so when the alarm goes off it...

Will Sonos introduce a Connect product with Airplay introduced or will there be a software update?

New Connect product with Airplay introduced or will there be a software update?

Cannot connect Sonos Play 1

I am trying to set up my PLAY:1 and can't complete the process. It can find my player and asks me to hold down the two buttons until I hear a chime, which I do, and then nothing happens. It doesn't mo...

Buzzing on Play 5 when using line out

During stand by mode, I am getting a constant buzz on my Play 5 that is hooked up to my Peloton spin bike to get better sound. Would a Ground Loop isolator solve this problem? At first I thought it...

Play:1 not quiet enough on lowest volume

This may sound like a bizarre requirement but I like to drift off to sleep at night with the music on very low. I find the Play:1 just a bit too loud on its lowest setting, even with the bass & treble...

Minimum Volume is too loud to enjoy background music.

The minimum volume on a Play 1 for instance (volume level 1) is too loud to let the music play as background. It's "no music" or "too loud music" on volume level 1 Nothing in between. Ideally I could...

Music skipping

My music keeps skipping halfway through songs. Turned auto lock off and no difference. Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still no change.

Sonos Play 5 2nd Gen wireless no longer working.

Recently my Play 5 stopped working over the wireless connection. It worked the whole day and after coming back from a meal it was no longer connecting. I've tried multiple reconnects checked my router...

Using Autoplay on S5 to create stand-alone speaker

I've just set up autoplay on one of my S5s at home and it is happily playing music from my iPad which is connected using the line-in lead. I want to take it out of my home to a meeting and to play mus...

Play 5 volume fades in and out????

Play 5 volume fades in and out???? Any one else had this problem or can recommend a fix ? It’s 4 years old and up until 2/3 weeks ago it’s been rock solid. Thanks in advance for any help.

Sonos not playing since the latest update 9.3.

The update happened and the next time I tried to play music, it simply wouldn’t offer the play option. The play button ▶️ is dimmed. My music services are all there but just no more option to play. H...

Blown Speaker

I have a Play 1 and recently the speaker cracks whenever lower bassier tones are played. Is this something that can be sent in for repair?

Bought a Beam to pair with Sub - what is value of Gen 1 Play 5's?

Got myself a Beam to go with my Sub and the new TV. Previously used a Gen 1 Play 5 pair plugged in via analog. Very happy with the new setup so no intention to keep the old Play 5 pair. I'm going to...


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