Ikea SYMFONISK lamp discontinued?

Had one of my SYMFONISK lamps die, Sonos rouble shot over the phone and recommended replacement. So mailed it back to family in the states to return and they were told at the Tampa Ikea that the SYMFONISK lamp was discountinued. they had no more there and couldn’t order it from the store to ship to my families house anymore. Anyone else heard of this? I was able to order one online and had it shipped ot my familys place still. The ikea employee said he thinks its because of issues with them? I have another that is perfectly fine. Hope this new one is not a dud too! 

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In the Netherlands I can still order the Symfonisk lamp: https://www.ikea.com/nl/nl/p/symfonisk-tafellamp-met-wifi-speaker-zwart-10357589/

Looks like it’s still available on line.  I suspect it’s currently out of stock at the local Tampa store and whoever said it was it discontinued was mistaken.

Looks like it’s still available online.  I suspect it’s currently out of stock at the local Tampa store and whoever said it was it discontinued was mistaken.

I hope so. But they did say that’s why they couldn't have it delivered to the house because it was being removed. Would be a crazy quick turn around to discontinue as it hasn't been out a year yet.

I love em. Sounds great, look great, save space in the bedroom. We just have the lowest wattage bulb in them and give the perfect amount of reading light. The light switch feels great too, love the knob feel. I do wish the lights could be turned on from inside the Sonos app. that would be very cool.

Its been 10 days, IKEA says my order for a new SONOS lamp in white is still preparing… Maybe they did discontinue them!

Still available in the UK.... 


Bought two white ones a couple of days ago in the UK

Look much better in real life and sound very good. Wish the lamp switch was a dimmer though and that you could have the switch on either side of the lamp.



It’s been 18 days. Still hasn’t shipped. So i called. They said the ship date is now Aug 18th. No reason why.

who knows if it'll turn up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


Interesting it’s still available in the Uk.


yeah, i was expecting it to be dimmable as well. I like the feel of it tho.

Plenty available at Ikea in Seattle.

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Don’t know why they’re not available in Hong Kong until now… :(

Get some smart bulbs for those lights, guys. And link it all to Alexa!