I Don't Understand The Logic, Play:1

  • 3 January 2019
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I feel like I watched a dozen videos and still didn't realize that this is literally just a music player. I really thought this would be able to connect as a sound source to anything connected on my network, or at the very least a Fire Stick or a Roku. But it doesn't really do any of that, and it's a crazy rabit hole of $$$ to get that functionality.
While that's obviously part of your business model, it's a poor end user experience (and potent selling point for your competition yea?).
How am I able to Airplay from my iPad to Sonos and therefore get Netflix or anything else working perfectly, but I can't get the same functionality from my PC, or a Fire Stick? That doesn't really add up imo, and for a non audio/technophile it's unclear before you purchase it.
Why (I mean "duh") would I need to spend $300+ for a middle man device that ultimate sends audio wirelessly?
I'm sure the obvious answer is because it's ultimately a closed environment and that's how you make money (just like Apple). But Airplay wasn't initially integrated, and you got that working. Other than the clearly monetary motivation, is there anything else preventing a similar solution for PCs? It's a more open platform, and yea you'd have to write that yourself rather than integrating an already available API, but I sure wouldn't feel like I wasted my money if it "just worked" like all the marketing, and word of mouth/hype make it seem like it should.

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3 replies

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Why not use the app AirFoil on your pc to send audio to your Sonos speaker?
I understand that. It's the main talking point in all the threads that bring this up. What it's designed for and what it's capable of doing are two different things. Like when you airplay from Apple devices all manner of audio (like Netflix) without any lag. Ultimately Sonos is a speaker connected to a wireless (or wired) network using available 3rd party APIs to stream audio, and could absolutely be used as a computer speaker via the same means. I understand that's an assumption, but I don't think it's a wild leap given the evidence. I doubt there are any real technical hurdles to making this work over a wireless network, it's simply a choice Sonos has made to not support because it would make the Connect obsolete for the average user.
The play:1is designed for multi room audio. It's not a computer speaker or bluetooth speaker. It buffers audio so that it can play music in multiple roomsi n sync. Airplay is alsoa multirom audio protocol. Buetooth is not.

It sounds more like a bluetooth speaker is more what you're looking for.