How to hard connect Sonos 5 Gen 2 to PC

  • 13 February 2017
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Alex I understand that the Sonos 5 Gen 2 can be hard-connected to external devices including a PC.
I would like to do this occasionally for non-music audio.
The Sonos has a 3.5mm Line-In port at the back.
How do you connect the other end to the PC?
For example, at the back of my PC I have six soundcard 3.5 mm port of different colours (black, yellow, green, orange, etc

Much appreciated

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6 replies

Typically, it would be whichever one you would use for a set of headphones. Do you have a port for headphones?
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I think this is a duplicate thread... but just in case you missed the answers posted there, I've copied here:

Hey Alex..

There are standard colour codes for older sound cards that often can follow this: but no guarantees...

Color Connector
Lime Green Line-Out, Front Speakers, Headphones
Pink Microphone
Light Blue Stereo Line In
Orange Subwoofer and Center out
Black Rear Surround Speakers for 5.1 and 7.1 systems
Gray Middle Surround Speakers for 7.1 systems
Gold Midi / Game port (Joystick)

If yours complies to this... use the lime green port.