How to get Sonos to only play "checked" songs from iTunes?

  • 15 March 2013
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How do I get my Sonos system to only play songs that I've "checked" in iTunes? Right now it plays everything -- even the unchecked songs that I don't want to hear.

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3 replies

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Hello Jeff, The check marks in iTunes only affect what iTunes does with the songs. For example, it may not sync songs that are not checked with your iPhone/iPod. I believe it will also skip songs that are unchecked as well when playing your library through iTunes. Unfortunately, Sonos is not aware of which songs have a check mark next them in iTunes. The only way to have the songs not show up in Sonos is to remove them from the folder you are sharing with Sonos. Most likely, this is the Music folder under your default user directory. You would need to move these songs to a different folder, your desktop for example. Once you do this, Update the Music Index in Sonos and the songs will no longer be listed. Alternativley, you can also create playlists with only tracks you wish to play.
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This is how I achieve this. I have an iPod that I sync to my iTunes library with the options "sync only checked songs" and "enable disk use" checked. Then I copy the music directory on my iPod to a network share that I have Sonos pointed to. I use Carbon Copy Cloner on the Mac to automate doing that, though you could copy the files manually as well. Be sure to also copy the iTunes Library.xml file if you want to preserve your iTunes playlists.

I know this is a round-about way to do it, and a bit of a pain. Maybe a script could be written to simplify this process by eliminating the iPod step.

The checked status of all the tracks is part of the iTunes Library.xml, so hopefully the option to only show checked tracks could eventually be added to the Sonos functionality.
It is not ideal, but if you have done a sync to your phone of only the checked music, you can choose the selection to play the music "on this phone" instead of the "Music Library" and you will get only the checked songs.