how do you feed your new play 5s?

  • 6 August 2021
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Hi. I’m new here 🙂 I was an audio addict years ago and had a big setup. This was when CDs and big DACs ruled the landscape. 

fast forward 15 years, 3 different houses and now two children and my listening has changed dramatically. The CDs are gone, the big 2way setup is gone, and it’s all spotify and casting to different speakers. Yep I went for convenience over clarity! 

Early this year I bought a play5 gen 2 for my living room. It sounded good but wasn’t that exiting. Just nice and clear. I came across another at a good price a few months ago so I grabbed it and set up a stereo pair. This sounded a LOT better. Since then I have changed to tidal, but learned that Sonos doesn’t like their hi res audio. (I’m steaming off my iPhone 12) So a week ago I set up a Qobuz account and started streaming their Hires gear. This sounded so much better, it reminded me a lot of my “old glory days” just with a fifth of the physical footprint! 

Rhys has me wondering what people use to feed their 5s. I don’t want to go back to CDs or records. It needs to be streaming based. Am I getting close to what these speakers can do? Or can I add something to give them a bit of a boost. 

thanks for having me in your forums, and I look forward to hearing back from some experts. 

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6 replies

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Streaming 24-bit/48 kHz Hi-Res FLAC from Qobuz is about the best quality audio you can get from the Play:5. You can also rip your CD library to lossless FLAC or ALAC audio files and play your personal music library on the Play:5.

Here’s a complete list of supported audio files from a music library:

How to add your music library to Sonos:

Thanks for the prompt response. Does the streaming device matter? Would it sound better with an external dac using the line in? Or should I just be happy with the streaming from my phone, and stay clear of the rabbit hole:) 


thanks again!

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The device doesn’t matter. Streaming from Qobuz on the Sonos app from your phone will work just fine.

Thanks:) ——> puts wallet back in pocket. 

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The only only thing apart from using Qobuz is to Trueplay your speakers if not already done so, this does however need an Apple device like an iPhone / Pad.

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Sheesh! Can I identify with you!…..I was an obsessed audiophile for decades and could have bought 2 luxury cars for what I spent.I gave it all up just after the recession of 2008,due to the upcoming wedding of my daughter and needed to infuse cash into my business.

Not to mention the  of the loss of quality support from mfgrs and almost no more good dealerships who could also offer decent support….It seemed obvious to me that the over pricing of audio equipment was not going to get better and the constant upgrade path was wearing on me.…,I sold off my equipment and over 3000 carefully selected Lp’s,with 400 CD;s.

Two months later it hit me! I missed a good listening experience badly,but too late….Argh!

Took up a musical instrument and sadly hand pain caused me to give it up….An age related common issue…..Drats!

So,one day(1.5 years ago) a newly made friend invited me over to his home…..He knew I had a bit of audio experience and wanted an opinion…...In his place sat “one” Play 5 Gen. 2 sitting on a wobbly wood table…...He asked how it sounded and I could not lie…..”Crap”!

I decided to hold the speaker directly on the wall,with no table and the sound was significantly better.I had always heard Sonos at Best Buy and thought very little of their speakers,because Best Buy does nothing to enhance their performance…..Laughable.

So,my pal bought a second Play 5 a week later and got the  stands,alowing for vertical placement.

HUGE improvement…..He added the sub and got so carried away that he also bought the Sonos Soundbar,behind everything and now has a Roam included….All in the same room,via the “new” Apple Music High Res…...Talk about immersive audio!….Just breath taking.

I was there 3 days ago and WOW! I don’t have a clue if it’s the new Apple High Res or whatever,but this is amazing sound! ….AND…..I know good sound,having been to many audio reviewers homes over the years and all of the High End Audio shows in NYC.

I personally own 2 Play 5 Gen 2’s,the Sub and just added a Roam,placed just behind the listening position for a very effective rear ambience experience.

I don’t have Apple Music,but stuck with Amazon Unlimited High Definition.

Don’t know about the high def stuff as it relates to our set ups(other than knowing Sonos supports 24 bit)…...I figure the industry is changing so rapidly that it will all shake out over time.

In any case,I have never listened to as much music and even at the current 24 bit,in a set up like I have,especially in my friend’s system,it’s nuts to be critical of the sound…...Damn good.

If anyone has stuck with my long winded post,my apology for going on so long.

Great company,excellent equipment….that is hassle free,takes of little space,puts out no heat and simply sounds damn good.