How do I resolve Sonos was unable to add the music folder Reason: The computer "JULIE-PC" cannot be found........ I am getting reallyJulie

  • 9 January 2013
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How do I resolve Sonos was unable to add the music folder Reason: The computer "JULIE-PC" cannot be found Very fed up Julie

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12 replies

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Hi Julie, This message may be the result of a software firewall that's restricting Sonos from functioning correctly. Please have a look at the following guide that we've put together for some of the most common firewall brands and apply any suggestions concerning your system. Let me know if configuring your firewall resolves the issue.
I have the same issue as Julie - and no it is not from a firewall setting. I can access the external drive and the music folder fine from Windows Explorer. And when I disable the firewall entirely Sonos still gives the error. The error APPEARS to have occured after my update to the latest Sonos software.
Are you able to access the shared folder from another PC on the network? Are you able to access the shared folder by IP address instead of hostname?
hi there same problem. I purchase and download from Amazon mp3 and add to my Nasdrive. Sonos can see all the previous files but nothing new that is added. When I try to add the folder to the library in Sonos settings, I get the same error, yet I can see and select the folder from the select file dialog box and in windows explorer
This issue was resolved for me when I realized that the pc had to be connected wirelessly. It was during setup, but then I changed it's connection to the network to wired, and then it can't find the library file folders. Reconnected the wireless adapter on the pc and it was fixed.
I am having the exact same problem and purchased a NAS MyCloud because someone told me it was the best way to go. I am trying to do this all wirelessly, setup and access, but I can't get past setup and I've cleared firewall issues per Sonos Support's recommendations!
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I had the problem on my Windows 8.1 machine. I selected my music folder and then the context (right click) menu. From there I selected Share with --> Sonos Wireless HiFi System (which was an option!). That fixed it for me.
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Will Sonos PLEASE just provide the steps required to (a) select a folder on your PC with music in it, and (b) allow Sonos to play that music without getting a "Sonos is unable to add music folder" error. My Goodness! How many years has this company been making software? And it's impossible to just play music on your own computer.
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I finally got my hassles resolved. In case it helps anyone else, I had to RENAME the computer name for some reason and then restart the computer. You have to find the 'rename this computer' which appears in the Start menu if you type that text and then rename, and then restart.

No idea why I had to do this, but finally Sonos can add music on the computer. Oh - I also disabled the firewall while adding the music folder. (Which I had done before & didn't work)
Certain characters are not allowed in network (shared folder) names, I believe "space" is one of them. This is not Sonos' fault.
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... But a message that makes suggestions about what to do, rather than just leaving the user completely hopeless and without so much as a single suggestion, nothing but a useless error message, should be.
If you're on a Mac : you need to ensure your System Preferences / Sharing / Files sharing is On, otherwise the Sonos system can't access your PC files. Might be a similar configuration in a PC