How do I group a Sonos 5 & my already paired Sonos SL1's?

  • 4 March 2021
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I have 2 Sonos SL1’s that are paired together + a Sonos 5 (2nd gen). For whatever reason the Sonos SL1’s always stay paired to each other but they refuse to stay grouped to the Sonos 5.  I have to go into the app and add the SL1s to the already playing music on the Sonos 5.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

4 replies

Typically, your existing group will get broken if you have your play 5 set to autoplay from an aux source.  Is this the case for you?  if so, that you can configure the play:5 to remain grouped when it detects a signal from the aux input.

What exactly do you mean autoplay from aux source?  All of my speakers are paired through the Sonos App / Airplay. 

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After you play music and group the Play:5 with the pair of One SLs, when does it ungroup?

it ungroups when I change music sources - for example, if I go from Spotify → iTunes (airplay).  It will also ungroup if I stop playing music for a while and then go back on.